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Cut All the Glass Sheets Safely

The art of cutting glass sheets is acquired with a little practice and a little caution. To do this, it is better to have a good diamond-tipped glass cutter and read our article on Home Guide-How to Cut Our Glasses; but wait!  safety always comes first. In this article, all the safety concerns of a cutting tool will be discussed.


Stay Safe

Using diamond-tipped glass cutters, which is usually a professional tool, has certain approaches to take so that you will stay safe. It should not be available to armatures and kids because it can easily damage them.


As far as possible, for cutting glasses, the new glass should be used because old glass, windows, or showcases have defects that are not visible and it makes the cutting process a bit risky and dangerous. It is very difficult and often impossible to cut such glasses directly. The desired shape must first be drawn on paper and make sure that all angles and dimensions are accurate and correct. Use a horizontal table to do this; that will also be an important factor in the safety field. Putting a few extra sheets of paper under the drawing paper helps to keep our hands from slipping when we put a lot of pressure on the pencil or its ruler and therefore, you will experience safety at its best.

After the cutting process was done, place the glass on the map so that the most appropriate edge is on one of the map lines. Place a ruler approximately 6 mm thick on the glass and adjust so that the cutting point is exactly above one of the map lines. Then, with a gentle, even motion, create a deep scratch from one edge of the glass to the other, do not forget to wear gloves to prevent any injuries to your hands and google to prevent an eye injury. Hold the glass and break it in an instant, with the thumb pressing down and the other fingers pressing up. The glass should be broken along the scratch.

Safety tools ronix

Some basic practice with extra pieces of glass helps you learn the best possible angles for holding the tool and the right amount of pressure to make a good scratch. The more you practice, the safer you can be in your workplace. Don’t forget that the glass must be clean. In order to get a better result, we must first dip the diamond tip of the tool in turpentine oil. When we cut all the edges, the glass should be the same size as the map. To significantly increase the durability and strength of the edges and corners of the glass, they are sanded with sandpaper. Breaking large sheets of glass can be difficult. So, turn it on the table and hit it slowly with the back of the cutting tool in the opposite direction of the groove to start a small crack and continue this operation to reach the edge of the glass.


You are now ready to do it properly and safely.

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