Pressure Washer Uses; 5 Basic but Brilliant Uses for Pressure Washer Machines

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Briliant Uses for High Pressure washer

What can a high-pressure washer be used for?

Using a pressure washer, you can finally have that spotless patio, garden, or driveway you always wanted and get your car as clean as a whistle in the blink of an eye.

A high-pressure washer machine is a practical power tool for anyone who is fed up with stubborn stains or wants to get rid of dirt, grease, soot, or old paint. But before going through all the various pressure washer uses, it’s better to see how this handy tool works.

How Does a High-Pressure Washer Work?

how a high-pressure washer works
 how a high-pressure washer works

Simply put, everything starts with the low-pressure hot or cold water entering the pump. The pump pressurizes the water and it is then pushed out of a nozzle to remove the dust and dirt from the target surface. Some models also mix detergents with water for a more effective cleaning operation.

The Advantages of Using Pressure Washers

Thanks to the controllable stream of water it provides, using a pressure washer saves lots of time, energy, and water and results in more effective cleaning compared to a gardening hose.

High-Pressure Washer Different Functions

It is fun to sweep away dead leaves and wash your carpet fast and easily, don’t you agree? They are just some of the most basic uses for a pressure washer that are varied and numerous.   

Here are some of the other functions of this powerful tool:

Washing the dirt off the Walls and Floor

Without cleaning the floor and walls of your building regularly, residents might develop allergies and other diseases might spread. However, washing the mud, dirt, oil, and stubborn stains away from these surfaces is not as easy as it seems because the target area might get damaged or the pollution might spread in the process.  

 A man using a high-pressure washer to wash the dirt off a wall outdoors
using a high-pressure washer to wash the dirt off a wall outdoors

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A high-pressure washer machine takes care of it all by applying a controlled stream of water to the surface.

Getting Rid of Mold

Molds grow where there is so much moisture present like around the pipes or cellar walls and exposure to them can cause many health problems like shortness of breath, skin rash, runny nose, and headache.

Using a high-pressure washer to clean the mold off a wall outdoors
Using a high-pressure washer to clean the mold off a wall outdoors

A high-pressure washer machine can help you solve this problem fast and effortlessly. Just choose the right nozzle and pull the trigger!

Washing Vehicles

Washing cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles is one of the most important of the high-pressure washer uses. Enjoying an effortless operation and high washing speed with low water consumption is the advantage of relying on these power tools for such a demanding task.

To wash the car with a home car wash or high-pressure washer, the user must be at a proper distance from the tool and hold the nozzle at 30 degrees or more in order not to damage the vehicle.

Removing Old Paint

A man using a high-pressure washer to remove the peeling paint
using high-pressure washer to remove the peeling paint

The color of the walls will start peeling after a while due to many factors. As a result, a layer of paint needs to be applied to these walls. To prepare the wall for a repaint, you should first get rid of the old layers. That’s where high-pressure water comes to the rescue!

Cleaning pools and fountains

Pools and fountains should be regularly washed off the dirt, debris, leaves, and sediments. This is important to take care of this task effectively, effortlessly, and by using less water. This is yet another brilliant example of high-pressure washer uses.

As various as the uses for a pressure washer are, this power tool can be the best bang for your buck when it comes to cleaning operations. Despite all the great things this cleaning tool can offer, to achieve the best results You should choose the right tool for the right application.

Best Pressure Washer for Home Use

An infographic about the features of the best high-pressure washer for home use
Features of the best high-pressure washer for home use

The best high-pressure washer machines for home use are less powerful and smaller than their industrial counterparts. Here are all the features you should consider when buying a tool for pressure washing around the house:


The pressure of the machine determines the force of water ejected from it. So, to prevent surface damage, you should choose a tool with the right pressure rating which ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 psi for home use.


The best high-pressure washer machine for home use is one that comes with a series of nozzles with different spraying patterns for different applications.


An ideal domestic pressure washer is cordless and allows you to wash your car, clean your yard or water the garden without being bounded by cables and outlets. 


For a more enjoyable cleaning operation, the tool you choose for pressure washing at home should be easy to set up and move around and have a lightweight and compact body with an ergonomic design.


Go for a premium yet budget-friendly option that lets you take advantage of all pressure washer uses at an affordable price.  

If you are looking for a combination of all these features, Ronix 8930 would be a terrific choice. Thanks to a Self-priming mechanism with a 6-meter-long suction hose, this cordless high-pressure washer can draw water from any source nearby which can even be a water bottle!

A man using a Ronix cordless high-pressure washer to wash his car
You can use cordless high-pressure washer to wash your cars perfectly

This lightweight and compact tool can exert up to 2 liters of water per minute with a pressure of 24.5 bar to clean even the most stubborn of stains.

Pressure Washing Secrets

To work effectively with a high-pressure washer machine, first and foremost, you need to learn the ropes! Here are all the tips and tricks for you to know:

Keep your distance

A man keeping the nozzle of his high-pressure washer at the right distance
keeping the nozzle of high-pressure washer at the right distance

When pressure washing, you should keep your distance from the target surface to avoid damaging it or hurting yourself. Besides, by standing at a proper distance you can wash a larger area in a shorter amount of time.  

Hold the nozzle at an angle

Holding the high-pressure washer nozzle at an angle
Holding the high-pressure washer nozzle at an angle

If you aim the nozzle directly at the surface, not only the dirt won’t go away but also it would go even deeper inside and get harder to clean. So, always hold the nozzle at a proper angle.

Go from top to the bottom

Washing a dirty wall with a high-pressure washer from top to bottom
Washing a dirty wall with a high-pressure washer from top to bottom

As a rule of thumb, cleaning should be done from top to bottom otherwise the contaminants will be washed down and you’d have to start cleaning up all over again! A real nightmare, isn’t it?

Don’t use a laundry detergent

Two crossed-out detergent powder packs
Don’t use detergent powders with pressure washers

Using laundry detergent in your high-pressure washer machine is not a good idea because it can damage the internal parts of your tool and is also not as effective as special-purpose detergents.

FAQ of Using High-Pressure Washing Machine

Can you use a pressure washer on a car?

With a pressure washer, you can wash a car fast and effortlessly without wasting so much water.

What can a pressure washer be used for?

A pressure washer can be used for washing the dirt off the walls and floor, getting rid of mold, washing vehicles, removing old paint, cleaning pools and fountains, sweeping away dead leaves and even washing a carpet!

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1 November 2020

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