Organize Your Store, Garage, or Shed using Tool Racks and Tool Displays

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Staying organized is a constant challenge, especially for people who work with tools and hardware. Having the right organization techniques and equipment can solve most of your organizational problems. Shelves, racks, and other storage solutions are essential for organizing your tools, whether you are a hardware store manager, professional tradesman, or a DIYer.

If you are looking for the best tool rack ideas, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you ideas for using racks and shelves for storing tools and hardware. Whether you are a hardware business owner, a DIYer, or a professional tradesman, this article can help you become a better organizer! We have dedicated a section for every type of person who might benefit from using tool racks or other solutions for storing tools and hardware.

a pegboard tool organizer with different types of tools

Organizing your tools and hardware with tool racks and other storage solutions has many benefits. You can save a ton of space by paying attention to your storage configurations in your shop or at home. Additionally, using these storage solutions will also give you much faster and easier access to your required tools.

One other advantage of using tool racks and shelves is that they can make your environment look more professional and visually appealing. Businesses, especially, can take advantage of the visual appeal of tool racks, tool shelves, and tool stands to display products to customers. In the next section, we will talk about how you can utilize these storage items in your hardware store to attract more business.

a pegboard tool organizer with laser levels hung on it

Hardware Shop Display Ideas

The world of retail is a competitive one. Retail stores need to use all they can to attract more customers than their competition. Using tool racks, tool stands, and other methods to store and display hardware store products is a sure way to attract more customers.

tool display ideas to use in hardware stores

An additional advantage of proper product display and storage is that they help your customers find everything they need without the assistance of your employees which also helps your employees. Talking about helping your employees, if your hardware store is organized properly, your employees will have a much easier time storing items in your store.

Continue reading for solutions and ideas that we think you can use to add productivity, efficiency, and visual appeal to your business.

Think of the Types of Tool Storage Solutions You Would Need at Your Shop

Before talking about the abundance of creative ideas that could transform your hardware business, you need to think about the logistical implications of storing and displaying your products. You need to figure out what kind of tool display and tool storage equipment is suitable for your store based on the shape and design of your store and all the space you have.

carpentry tool rack

Based on all the space you have and the shape of your space, you might want to use, tool stands, tool racks, or tool organizers. Alternatively, you might want to use wall-mounted organizers or pegboards that get attached to the wall. You can even use the French cleat system, which may be hard to implement but extremely useful if you need versatility for storing and displaying your products.

After you think about the proper storage solutions for your store whether it’s a power tools display rack, a pegboard, or whatever else, you’ve gotta figure out how you want to use them. Continue reading for the best ideas you can use for storing and displaying your merchandise in your hardware business.

Use Your Front Windows

Your front windows are the first thing that your customers are going to notice. Therefore, you need to display hardware store items properly to grab the attention of your customers. Using decorations, lighting, signs, and eye-catching items in your front window is one of the most useful hardware store display ideas.

creative organization of a tool shop front window

Show Off Your Most Unique and High-End Items

There is no point in staying humble when it comes to business. So, take advantage of any opportunity to show off your most unique and high-end items at your store. Therefore, set up your tool displays at the most strategic places in your store and put your high-end items in there to catch the most eyes and build a positive image for your business.

Compartmentalize Your Store

Make sure you make each section of your store different from another. This way different sections of your store are dedicated to a different set of items. Try to put your power tools display stands in one section and your hand tool stands somewhere else. Power tool stands were just an example. You can compartmentalize your tools and hardware equipment in any way you want.

Compartmentalizing a tool shop to organize it

Some people may choose to distinguish different sections of their store based on the type of trade that the tools or hardware are used in. You can dedicate sections to plumbing, gardening, construction, electrical work, and woodworking for example.

Different sections of your shop also need different types of tool stands and racks. Your construction and woodworking might need more power tools and display racks than other sections. When you are trying to customize a section dedicated to gardening, for example, you can use shovel display racks which are a type of long-handle tool display rack.

Take Advantage of Demo Sections and Showrooms

Using hardware display showrooms and demo sections allows your customers to experience items firsthand. If you implement these features in your store, you will help your customers test different items to make an informed decision on their purchase. You can also make your hardware showroom displays customized by finding creative ways to use your tool display stands.

showrooms and demo sections to organize a tool shop

Designing a showroom and getting yourself a hardware showroom display is a good way to attract more customers. If you have enough space in your establishment, you can even get yourself different showrooms for all your different needs. You can get yourself a separate power tools showroom and a hand tools showroom using different tool display racks for each of the categories of tools and hardware you want to showcase in your showroom.

Use Cross-Merchandising

Cross-merchandising is one of the best methods of displaying your products to your customers (visual merchandising). Cross-merchandising is displaying two or more items in one place in your store. You can use tool displays or any other type of storage to place two or more items next to each other that are usually used in the same general area of work.

examples of cross-merchandising

Use Proper Signs and Labels

Using the best tool rack and tool display ideas is not enough if you want to provide the most assistance to your customers. You need to put signs and labels on top of hardware store display racks and inside different sections of your shop to provide information to your customers.

Using proper signs and labels inside your shop can help your customers find their path inside the store to find to get to the items that they need. So, use eye-catching signs and labels on top of your hardware store shelving and categorize every section of your store properly.

Use Clearance and Sales Displays

Dedicate a section of your store to discounted items and sales. This way, you can get rid of items in your store that need to be sold as fast as possible. Use tool display stands creatively to present your sales items to your customers.

tool shop display

Small Hardware Shop Display Ideas

You can use all the tips and ideas that we already gave you on hardware stores and apply them to small hardware shops as well. Take a look at our small hardware shop display ideas for saving the maximum amount of space inside your store. We have already talked generally about all the hardware shop display ideas. The ideas that are specific to small hardware stores are all dedicated to saving space in your store.

tool shop display

Maximize Your Space by Using the Vertical Space

When you have a small hardware store, using your space efficiently becomes even more important. One way to maximize the space you have for displaying and storing your merchandise is by using your vertical space the best way that you can. You can take your hardware store display racks and stack them vertically to use the maximum amount of space possible.

using the vertical space to organize a tool shop

For mounting stuff to the walls at your store, you will need the proper retail display hardware such as wall mounts, tubings, etc. If you want to save even more space in your tool shop, tool chests are an amazing tool for doing so.

Use Innovative Display Ideas

To save up space in your small hardware shop, tool chests can be used and additionally, you can give proper directions to your customers to open these tool chests and see the items inside them. This is just one example of an innovative idea for displaying your items and products.

Use Online Inventory Management

One of the ways that you can save up space in your hardware store is by taking advantage of online inventory management systems that let you track your inventory in real time. This way you can transport your products easily from your designated warehouse for power tools, hand tools, and hardware items which results in you needing less stock in your store.

Seasonal Displays

Make sure to rotate your displays based on the season or the upcoming holidays. This can help you save a lot of space. It can also show your customers what they need to see based on the needs of the season. If it’s summer, for example, you can showcase your gardening, and outdoor grilling equipment and accessories. In the winter, you can focus on snow removal tools for example.

Best Tool Rack for Sheds

Usually, sheds are used for gardening and landscaping needs. Some people use sheds for woodworking as well. Depending on the type of work that you do and the tools and hardware you need, you will need different types of racks and storage. Common storage solutions in sheds are tool racks, cabinets, stands, and wall-mounted shelves.

tool racks for to organize sheds

Best Tool Racks for Garage

The best tool racks and storage solutions for your garage are ones that are customizable and can be used for a large variety of hand tools, power tools, consumables, and other types of equipment. Depending on the type of tools you have in your garage, you will need different types of tool storage equipment. Common storage equipment for garages are pegboards, French cleats, wall-mounted shelves, and power tools stands.

best tool racks for tools in the garage


How do I display items in my shop?

You can use different storage solutions and techniques to display all your items in a shop. Using showrooms, demo sections, cross-sectioning, compartmentalizing, and proper labeling are some of the best techniques for displaying items in a store.

How do you display small items in a store?

If you want to merchandise your smaller items properly, you need to put them next to items with similar sizes so that they are not overshadowed by larger items.

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