Easier Business with a Hardware Store ERP Software

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Owning a hardware store and you hate to go through some boring processes and business operations manually? Why bother when there are a large number of software that make your life easier and smoother such as ERP software for hardware stores? But what is this software and how does it make your life easier?

What Are ERP Software? What Do They Do?

EPR or Enterprise Resource Planningsoftware integrates all the processes of a retail or production business. ERP systems include everything a business needs, such as accounting, training, CRM, inventory management, POS, and marketing.

What Are ERP Software for Hardware Store? What Do They Do?

Here’s a list of what they offer:

  • Centralized data management: you can store all the data from different departments and functions in your organization and keep them in one place. This way you’ll have a single source and avoid the chance of duplication in data.
  • Process automation: as we promised in the beginning, this software helps you say goodbye to mundane tasks and automates them for you. Other than eliminating the boringness, it decreases the occurrence of errors and increases efficiency.
  • Enhanced communication: if you have a big facility, you’ll surely appreciate this. Using an ERP for hardware stores enables you to build easier communication with your staff and different departments. This also leads to more transparency in the processes of your store.
enhanced communication using ERP software
  • Better managing of your finances: these types of software make the process of accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting an easy task. In case you need them to be done more efficiently.
  • Inventory management: this is one of those jobs that almost no one signs up for. Just use a hardware store ERP to all the tracking stock levels, reorder points, and inventory costs for you.
  • Supply chain management: the ERP is watching everything! It optimizes the supply chain by tracking the movements of goods, managing vendor relationships, and improving forecasting.
supply chain management with ERP software for hardware store
  • Customer relationship management: although there are separate software that solely do the job of customer relationship management, an ERP can get the job done as well.
  • Human resources management: why should comprehensive software like ERP lack HR services? Well, they mostly include modules for HR management that handle personnel records, payroll, and workforce planning.
  • Analytics and reporting: well, this one can get tiring really fast as it bores you out of your mind. But if you have a hardware store ERP, you can consider these done. This software offers you analytics tools that give you processed data that can help with your decision-making.
analytics and reporting with ERP software for hardware store
  • Scalability: if you’re starting with a small business, ERP gives you the liberty to scale and it’ll accompany you accordingly. They are suitable for both small and large businesses.
  • Cost reduction: working more efficiently means you get to save both time and resources. Look at it as an investment that will save you money and also doesn’t waste your resources.
  • Better customer service: it’s kind of like a robot that has access to all the information needed in real-time and responds to your customers more quickly and more efficiently.
better customer service with ERP software

If saving energy, money, and time in the long run interests you, treat yourself to ERP software for hardware store. But what are the benefits of using this software for hardware store?

Benefits of Using a Hardware Store ERP Software

ERPs are amazing software for hardware stores. They are extremely helpful programs for analyzing and making decisions because of the sheer amount of data and information they provide businesses. ERPs are scalable and allow businesses to make their business bigger.

Apart from what we already mentioned for the benefits of using ERP for hardware stores, here’s a brief list to give you a fuller insight:

  • Enhanced inventory management: as you can track your inventory levels real-time, you can always rest assured that you’ll never run out of stock or have overstocking.
enhanced inventory management with ERP software
  • Improved customer service: information is power. Having access to the needed data allows you to serve your customers better by providing more personalized services.
  • Multi-location support: if you own multiple locations for your hardware store chain, the centralized data collection of ERP software for hardware stores helps you manage your inventory more smoothly.
  • E-commerce integration: ERP misses no party! If you have a presence online, you can integrate your ERP with your e-commerce platforms, streamlining online sales, inventory management, and customer data.
  • Streamlined point of sale (POS) integration: if you’re using a POS system, you can integrate it with your hardware store ERP and give it access to real-time data to track inventory levels.
  • Data security: ERP systems give you the benefit of securing your and your customers’ data better.
data security with ERP software for hardware store
  • Compliance and regulation: as it can be hard to follow regulations and legal requirements, the ERP for hardware store is your buddy and makes sure of compliance with regulations.
  • Business insight: an integrated system like ERP gives you a comprehensive view of store’s operations and lets you know which products are better sold so you can have a better management of product providing.
  • Competitive advantage: everyone is doing the obvious and at least the bare minimum. Doing more with the assistance of technology gives you a competitive edge and you’re most likely to be someone’s choice.

Do Small Tool Shops Need ERP? Is There Any Alternative for Them?

using ERP software for small tool shops

Many factors may determine whether you, a small tool shop owner, need ERP. Like the size of your business, its specific needs, and its growth objectives. However, it is very possible that having one for your small business might not be cost-effective or even necessary as you won’t have much data or inventory to manage. But you can opt for alternatives for hardware store ERP.

You can instead use a POS system to help you manage your inventory. Or for your accounting needs, software like QuickBooks or Xero are great choices.

As we’ve already said, CRM software are used when you’re solely looking to improve your customer service. This can also be one way to go if you own a small hardware store.

CRM software for small tool shops

If you’re looking for ERP solutions, there are simplified ones that give the necessary services for your tiny business. As we mentioned, ERP software are scalable. The simplified version offers you services like inventory management, basic financials, and order processing without bothering you with the complexity of a full ERP system.

You can also invest in developing custom-made software solutions specific to your needs. It is cost-effective as you don’t pay for extra services and is really easy to do if the operations in your store are straightforward.

As a last resort, you can just go to your Microsoft Office or Google Drive, open a spreadsheet and manage your affairs there. It is preliminary but it gets the job done if you want your basic needs to be answered.

Best ERP Software for Hardware Store

To find the best ERP software for hardware store you should consider the specific needs of your business. Here’s a list that can help you out with this decision:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Best Overall
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: best ERP software overall
  • SAP Business One Professional: Best for Complex Inventories
  • SYSPRO: Best for Cost Control
  • QT9: Best for Back End Management
  • Epicor Prophet 21 ERP: Best for Custom Solution
  • Oracle NetSuite OneWorld: Best for Omnichannel Sales
  • Acumatica: Best for Integrations
  • NetSuite by Oracle: Best for growing teams
  • Sage Intacct: Best for financial operations
  • Genius ERP: Best for small businesses
Genius ERP: the best choice for small businesses
  • Epicor Kinetic: Best for industry-specific features
  • SAP ERP: Best for multinational organizations
  • TallyPrime: Best for nonprofits
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Best for integrations
  • Infor: Best for complex supply chains
  • IFS: Best for asset-intensive operations
  • Odoo ERP: Best UX
  • Acumatica: Best ERP software for cloud-based workflows
  • ERPNext: Best open-source ERP software
  • AccountMate Review: The best vertical-specific solutions

Hope this gives you a good view on choosing the best ERP software for hardware store. Even if your business is too small to make you go for solutions like ERP systems, there are alternatives you can use.


What is tool shop ERP software?

EPR or Enterprise Resource Planningsoftware integrates all the processes of a retail or production business.

How do ERP systems help tool shops?

By offering enhanced inventory management, improved customer service, multi-location support, e-commerce integration, … you can read more on this in the article.

Do small tool shops need ERP?

Small tool shops don’t necessarily need ERP software but they can use a simplified version and some other alternatives allocated for small businesses.

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21 January 2024

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