The Know-It-All Guide To Types Of Miter Saws

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A Collection of different types of Miter saws

Whether it is for decorative purposes or making joints that are essential for making cornices or wooden picture frames, sometimes you need to cut a piece of wood at an angle other than 90 degrees. Making such angled or miter cuts can only be done effectively by various types of miter saws, easy-to-use and versatile tools that are quite popular among woodworkers.

a woodworker is cutting a wood piece with a miter saw

Based on different situations and applications, there are different types of miter saws that range from sliding to dual bevel. The following is all the information you need to know about the miter saw types, their mechanism, application, advantages, and disadvantages.

Different Types of Miter Saws

As highly versatile tools, miter saws available on the tool market vary in structure and mechanism to meet different needs. These different types of miter saws are categorized by the form of cuts they can make and their blade’s anatomy. Let’s dive deeper:

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An infographic photo about miter saw blades and a woodworker with a miter saw in the background


As an element that has the most direct interaction with the workpiece, the blade is a determining part of any saw, and miter saws are no exception. Therefore, to choose the right tool for the right job, there are many factors you should take into account about its blade. 


Blade diameter is one of the most important things that separates different types of miter saws. The blades used in these power tools come in a variety of sizes to deliver different depths of cut based on the task at hand. Among these different models, the most common ones are 250 and 300mm in diameter.

Large blades have more power and cutting capacity and therefore are the best fit for making deep cuts in thick material, whereas blades in small diameters are more affordable and light-duty options that are engineered for more accurate cuts.

Number of Teeth

The teeth of a miter saw blade determine the speed and smoothness of the cuts. The more teeth a blade has, the smoother cuts it can make at lower speeds while having fewer teeth means sacrificing smoothness for speed.

Considering this, blades with fewer teeth are a better choice for cutting through hard wood because they can make fast rough cuts while putting less strain on the motor, and blades with more teeth are your best bet for making accurate cuts on fragile pieces of soft wood.

an infographic photo of different types of miter saw based on the cut type

Cut Type

Miter saw types, first and foremost, are defined by the cuts they make. Based on this factor, there are four different types of miter saws including:


The basic type of this electric saw is fixed so you can neither slide the tool to make wide cuts nor tilt its blade to make bevel ones.

However, you can always use simple models to make cuts at various angles on the wood.

These models limit the users’ freedom of movement but are the best choice for making cornices.


Among different types of miter saws, sliding ones are made to deliver wider cuts as they allow you to move the tool back and forth and cut across the workpiece.

These models have an enlarged cutting capacity and are ideal for larger pieces of wood.


Such power tools let you tilt the blade to the left or right (or both ways!) and make Bevel cuts on the workpiece.

The compound miter saws whose head rotates only in one direction are called single-bevel and those that rotate in both directions are known as dual-bevel.

A photo of a miter saw with bevel cut capability

Sliding Compound

Among miter saw types, sliding compound miter saws are the most popular as they allow for making wide and bevel cuts all in one tool.

an infographic photo of sliding compound miter saws features

Compared to their counterparts, these models are the heaviest, most versatile, and, regrettably, most expensive! But don’t worry because now you can find all that the biggest tool brands like Bosch, Milwaukee, and Ryobi have to offer at an affordable price that is unrivaled.

Ronix provides the market with different types of miter saws of the best quality that ensure precise cutting thanks to their micro-fine miter adjustment knob, laser, and LED light. They have a compact and ergonomic design and are equipped with advanced table locking and efficient dust collection systems, electric brake, and much more to ensure a safe and enjoyable operation.


What’s the difference between a compound and a sliding miter saw?

Sliding miter saws allow for making angled cuts on a wider scale by moving the saw back and forth across the workpiece while their compound counterparts tilt to make bevel cuts and are not capable of making wide cuts.

What’s the difference between a miter saw and a chop saw?

Chop saws are used to cut through metal while miter saws specialize in cutting across the wood.

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21 May 2023

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