Symphony of Nations: Ronix’s Grand Finale at Big 5 Global

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crowd of people at the 4th day of big 5 global

As the curtains gracefully fall on the grand finale of the Big 5 Global exhibition, the energy at our booth is reaching its peak. It’s not just the last day; it’s the crescendo of where a huge wave of fans and people who love the industry have filled the place with excitement and energy. With participants converging from all corners of the world, the Big 5 Global has indeed solidified its status as the largest construction expo in the Middle East.

Ronix booth design at Big 5 Global exhibition

In the past few days, more and more people have become interested in and enjoyed the Big 5 Global event. From December 4th to 7th, the Dubai World Trade Centre served as the epicenter of this colossal event, drawing in more than 68,000 industry professionals hailing from over 150 countries. The sheer magnitude of the gathering is exemplified by the presence of over 2000 exhibitors, showcasing a remarkable array of 50,000+ products. This transforms the occasion into a comprehensive showcase of construction expertise and innovation.

Ronix collection of hand and power tools hang on the Big 5 global stands

As we expected Visitors from diverse corners of the globe have graced our booth, journeying from vibrant countries like Brazil, Australia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Cyprus, India, Spain, China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and various CIS nations such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and more.

 collection of Ronix tools at Big 5 Global exhibition

During this big event, Ronix shines as a symbol of high-quality tools, showcasing a wide range of hand tools and power tools. This event is a great chance for people interested in construction to see these experts coming together, giving them a firsthand look at the best in construction innovation. The mix of industry experts, advanced products, and Ronix’s dedication to excellence has definitely made the Big 5 Global a must-attend for anyone in or curious about the construction world.

Ronix fans at the event asked interesting questions, showing their strong interest and curiosity. One common question was:

  1. Can we see your catalog?
  2. What payment options are available?
  3. How would you describe the quality of your products?
  4. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
  5. What shipping methods do you offer?
visitors of the Ronix booth at big 5 global

As the exhibition’s final day comes to an end, don’t miss your chance! Our dedicated sales team and important people like the CEO, supply chain manager, brand manager, and sales manager, are right in the center of the Ronix booth. They are actively talking with visitors, ready to share information, help you explore our products, and make sure you get the most out of your visit.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Big 5 Global! Join us at the international hardware fair, Eisenwarenmesse, in Koln from March 3rd to 6th, 2024.

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7 December 2023

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