Top Cutting Tool Manufacturers: The Most Comprehensive List

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Cutting Tool Manufacturers

Are you an industrial buyer, a procurement specialist, a manufacturing engineer, or a machine shop owner who’s looking for cutting tool manufacturers? Well, we’ve got you covered and we’re doing it so that you won’t need to look into any other article for this information. In this article, we’ve provided you with a list of 70 cutting manufacturers and picked the top 10. There’s also global information about the industry in 2024. So, if these are what you’re looking for, this article is for you.

List of 30 Cutting Tool Manufacturers

It can be overwhelming to be encountered with an endless list of cutting tool manufacturers. But we tried to keep it short and give you a summary of what you need to know. With that said, if you’re looking for the largest players in the industry, the following list will help you gravely.

  • Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.
Koki Holdings Brands

Based in Tokyo, Japan since 1948, Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. manufactures power tools including portable cut-off machines, disc cutters, wall chasers, and high-speed cut-off machines. Koki has multiple brands like HIKOKI, Metabo, CARAT, and SANKYO DIAMOND TOOLSwith 70 years of experience.

  • Ceratizit S.A.
Ceratizit cutting tool manufacturer

As a part of the Ceratizit Group, ‘Cutting Solutions’ specializes in providing customers with a comprehensive range of cutting tools. With its full-range portfolio, we stand as a leading global supplier in the cutting tool industry.

  • Kennametal Ltd.
kennalmetal cutting tool manufacturer

For 85 years, this brand has provided customers with tools, materials, and wear-resistant solutions to, according to themselves, ‘Run longer, cut faster, and machine with greater precision’.

  • Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp.

With the means of allow the customer to process a wide range of tasks and have less environmental impact, this cutting tool manufacturer tries to offer lower processing costs and shorter lead times. Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation promises efficiency, high precision, and enhanced functionality.

  • Seco Tools AB
Seco Tools cutting tool manufacturer

Setting sustainability as one of its main goals, this cutting tool manufacturer tries its best to provide customers with cutting-edge precision tools that last them a long time.

  • Tungaloy Corporation

As a Japanese-based manufacturer, Tungaloy stands as a global leader in the production of carbide-cutting tools, friction materials, wear-resistant items, and civil engineering products.

  • Emuge Corporation

The Emuge-Franken group is considered to be one of the leading tool manufacturers and has been producing tools for over 100 years including cutting tools. They specialize in milling technology that allows them to offer cutting materials in a wide range.

  • Mapal Dr.Kress KG
Mapal Dr.Kress KG cutting tool manufacturer

MAPAL tools over the past years has tried to come up with solutions to customer requirements with high-performance standard tools. One of their signature programs named the NeoMill is a high-feed milling cutter accounting for a high productivity and a cost-effective result.


Another expert in the area of milling, this cutting tool manufacturer with the motto ‘Shape Your Dreams’ has been in the business since 1938. It’s one of the leading manufacturers of taps, end mills, drills, and indexable cutting tools. The cutting tools are made with high-end technology featuring exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries, and proprietary surface treatment.

  • Walter AG
Walter AG cutting tool supplier

Founded in 1919 and headquartered in Tübingen, Germany Walter AG is among cutting tool manufacturers who produce tools for milling, turning, grooving, drilling, and threading. A bonus point of this company is the cost planning security they offer and the quicker returns on their investment beyond the cutting tools.

  • Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

Also based in Japan, this company has been around since 1937 and produces diamond tools for cutting tough materials like stone.

  • Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Industries cutting tool manufacturer

Founded in 2003, this corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting tools. It uses cutting-edge technology to produce a diverse range of products..


Since 1964 in Tokyo, Japan, this manufacturing company has produced special oilless machinery such as mechanical, chemical, or electronic equipment.

  • Iscar Ltd.
Iscar cutting tool manufacturer

This cutting tool manufacturer supplies its customers with precision carbide metalworking tools including a wide range of cutting tools that covers most metal cutting applications. Iscar Ltd is a leading brand within the International Metalworking Companies (IMC) Group. The chairman, C.E.O. and largest shareholder of the holding that owns this group.

  • Widia Products Group

Widia Products Group as one of the industry-leading cutting tool manufacturers offers precision-engineered products that allow you to get everything you need from one single source.

  • Dormer Pramet

As a global supplier and manufacturer of cutting tools, Dormer Pramet produces tools for drilling, milling, threading, and turning tools. Being in the business since 1913, this manufacturer is one of the oldest ones in the field. As for now, this organization has 30 offices around the world.

  • Nachi America Inc.
NACHI cutting tool manufacturer

The cutting tool division of this company has a product line including drills, endmills, and taps. The manufacturer has long strived to provide end-users with the best-designed tools and also high-quality coatings for more durable products. The solutions provided by Nachi America Inc. are efficient and cost-effective.

  • Greenleaf Corporation
Greenleaf Corporation

Since the early 1940s, the Greenleaf Corporation has been working in the field of metal-cutting products. It’s known to be one of the leading cutting tool manufacturers that specializes in high-performance tungsten carbide and ceramic grade inserts and innovative tool-holding systems.

  • Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. cutting tool manufacturer

With the latest engineering capacity, to manufacture a vast collection of metal-cutting tools that they provide on a global scale, this cutting tool manufacturer is one of the first-ranked in the field. This company gives you the benefit of a low price with a high level of performance.

  • Ingersoll Cutting Tool Company

Based in Rockford, Illinois, Ingersoll Cutting Tool Company is a global supplier and manufacturer that produces machine tools for aerospace, defense, energy, etc. It’s been one of the leading suppliers of metal-cutting tools and has been in the business since 1889.

  • Niagara Cutter LLC

Since 1954, Niagara Cutter LLC has been striving to produce high-efficiency and high-value tools for aircraft, power generation, and metalworking. This cutting tool manufacturer uses machining, heat-treating, and grinding technology to produce cutting tools. It’s also equipped with cleaning and tool preparation technology, and vacuum technology in PVD thin film coatings for cutting tools.

  • Big KAISER Precision

This manufacturer has a full line of high-precision cutting tools designed to provide the user with high efficiency and high quality to work in tough conditions.

Kemet cutting tool manufacturer

A line of cutters of the brand KEMET is MICRACUT precision cutters that are used for metals, ceramics, electronic components, crystals, etc. These tools can cut through almost any material like brittle or ductile metals, rocks, ceramics, etc. They are made to be safe and diverse for different applications.

  • Sarge Knives

As a professional knife and cutting tool manufacturer, Sarge Knives produces tools like machetes, hatchets, serrated hand saws, etc in a high quality.

  • Cougar Cutting Tools

This producer of custom solid carbide cutting tools based in Clinton Township has been in business since 1987 and is a private cutting tool manufacturer that supplies for aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical industries.


YIH TROUN offers in its collection tools for slitting, slotting, and cut-off. It’s specifically a manufacturer of grooving tools with a wide range of products that are used for cutting circular grooves on the inner surface of tubings.

  • Guhring, Inc.
Guhring cutting tool manufacturer

Guhring Incorporation specializes in manufacturing top-quality products in a diverse range. These include drills, end mills, taps, thread mills, grooving systems, reamers, tool holders, countersinks, and deburring tools.

  • Funik Ultrahard Material Co., Ltd.

This manufacturer which was founded in 1988 is one of the world’s leading cutting tool manufacturers that produces super hard cutting tools, super abrasives, and super hard composites. These are used in automobiles, consumer electronics, aerospace, etc.

  • Sunny Superhard Tools

Based in China in 1993, the specialty of Sunny Superhard Tools is to produce diamond tools for construction including stone cutting tools, diamond grinding tools, and diamond drilling tools. Sunny Superhard Tools provides the user with high-quality artificial diamonds imported from Ireland.

  • Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool Co. Ltd.
Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool Co. Ltd.

With more than 1800 employees, ZCC.CT has a world-class line of tool production. This cutting tool manufacturer produces indexable cutting tools, solid carbide drilling tools, and ceramic inserts.

Now that you have a comprehensive list, let’s take a look at the global statistics of this industry. This will give you a grasp on which countries offer the most options for you. Then, we promise, it’s finally time to give you the list of our top 10 cutting tool manufacturers.

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Global Statistics of Cutting Tool Manufacturers

The global cutting tool market is a large and significant industry with a market size of 27.71 billion dollars in 2023, estimated to grow to 30.6 billion dollars in 2024 with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 8.5%.

As for the market share of cutting tool manufacturers on a global scale, here’s a breakdown based on each country:

market share of different countries based on their cutting tool manufacturers

Top 10 Cutting Tool Manufacturers in the World

Now that you have a good grasp on which cutting tool manufacturers are out there and you know your options, it’s time to give you our pick of the 10 bests:

  • Mohawk Special Cutting Tools (US)

Mohawk is a leading manufacturer that produces industrial cutting tools for metalworking uses. The products this brand offers include drills, taps, end mills, and hole saws. This is at the top because it’s dedicated to quality and responsiveness to customer requirements.

  • Cougar cutting tools (US)

As mentioned in the list above, this global supplier offers high-performance cutting tools for the metalworking industry in a wide range. Such as turning tools, milling tools, and holemaking tools. The reason for choosing this brand is their focus on high-performance tools and global reach, ensuring easy access to their products.

  • Ingersoll Cutting Tools (US)

As a leader in innovation, this cutting tool manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of tools and services for diverse applications across different industries.

  • OSG Corporation (Japan)
OSG Corporation as a top cutting tool manufacturer

OSG Corporation is one of the top manufacturers that specializes in the metalworking industry. Offering in a wide range they produce taps, drills, end mills, and threading dies. They are known for their unwavering commitment to quality and precision.

  • Sandvik Coromant (Sweden)

For metal cutting tools, you can go to Sandvik Coromant which will give you the needed solutions. They offer their products in various shapes and forms for different applications like turning, milling, and homemaking. They have a reputation for having a high quality and being made by innovation.

  • Kennametal Inc. (US)

This cutting tool manufacturer offers a vast selection of tools for cutting metal, tooling systems, and sear-resistant materials. Their products are offered in a wide range and can be used for a variety of usages.

  • Seco Tools AB (Sweden)

As another leader known for high-quality and innovative metal-cutting tools, Seco Tools AB is among our top 10. Their tools are particularly made for turning, milling, and holemaking.

  • Walter Technologies (US)

This cutting tool manufacturer is respected for its high-performance cutting tools and tooling systems across turning, milling, and holemaking processes.

  • Mapal Inc. (Germany)

Specializing in precision cutting tools, this brand is particularly valued for its products’ use in aerospace, automotive, and medical applications.Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (Japan)

This comprehensive cutting tool manufacturer offers high-quality cutting tools and tooling systems for various turning, milling, and holemaking needs.

In the end, what you should consider when choosing your desired manufacturer, are the materials they use (high-strength steels, aluminum, etc), applications (turning, milling, drilling), desired finish (smooth!), and of course your budget and the pricing the manufacturer offers.

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