Best Grease Guns: All the Tips for Choosing One + Recommendations

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Best Grease Gun

If you are looking for the best grease gun for your particular application, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will take a brief look at what brief guns are and then spend more time giving you enough information so that you can get yourself the product that is suitable for your needs.

If you’ve ever used a tool, vehicle, or heavy machinery, you probably are familiar with the importance of lubricating them. Lubrication is a necessity for many reasons including maintenance, and smoother operation of tools, vehicles, or equipment. Nowadays a lot of products come with parts or components that are lubricated for life but even those products need lubrication in case the parts are ever changed.

Grease gun is being used to lubricate heavy machinery parts

Depending on the part or component you are lubricating, you might need a grease gun. Grease guns allow you to reach a specific point and lubricate it. Certain components inside different cars include a fitting or nipple, called a zerk fitting or grease fitting, that is designed to receive lubrication easily from a grease gun.

There are many types of grease guns depending on how they are powered. These guns are either hand-powered, electrical, or pneumatic. In the next sections, we will go through different types and categories of grease guns and introduce you to the best grease gun in the market in every specific category along with factors that you need to consider when you are buying a grease gun.

Electric grease guns versus pneumatic grease guns

Best Grease Gun Overall

Before we get to introduce the best products for your needs, we need to list several factors so that you can make your judgment and assessments regardless of our specific recommendation. Generally, when buying the best grease gun overall, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Type of grease gun (Hand-powered, electrical, or pneumatic)
  • Pressure and volume
  • Durability and build quality
  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and compatibility
  • Affordability

We have dedicated a section at the end of this article to talk about all these factors in detail. You can refer to that section if you need more comprehensive information on grease guns and how to find the best one for your specific application.

Close-up of a grease gun plus text about factors for choosing one

Our Pick

If you want the best grease gun in the market by far, then you should get a DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Grease Gun. This model is a powerful tool with a variable speed trigger that provides the user the flexibility and the versatility to apply their desired amount of grease for any job easily. This tool also comes with a 42-inch hose that lets the user access hard-to-reach areas.

A cordless grease gun is being used

Best Mini Grease Gun

When buying mini grease guns, you have to make sure that the model you are purchasing is up to par with the task that you are planning to undertake.

A suitable model in this category should have enough grease capacity for your task and handle a lot of pressure. You also don’t want a model that leaks. So, pay attention to these factors when you are looking for a mini model.

Our Pick

Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun is our pick in this category. All the positive reviews that this product has received online can not be overlooked. This model has enough capacity for 3 ounces of grease. It can be operated with just one hand. In addition to this, it only weighs one pound. If you are looking for an easy-to-use model that can also be used for heavy-duty applications, do not look further.

A mini grease gun

Best Electric Grease Gun

The main benefit of electric grease guns is that they do not require manual work and this makes them a lot easier to use. You can get electric grease guns in both corded and cordless varieties. Corded models used to be a lot more popular but there are still several good corded models out there in the market.

Our Pick

If you are looking for the best corded grease gun in the market, the Lincoln AC2440 120V Electric Corded Grease Gun takes the take in this category. This gun has a lot of positive reviews online. It has a two-speed transmission system and variable speed trigger which provides a lot of versatility.

An electric grease gun is being used

Best Cordless Grease Gun

If you are looking for the best grease gun that can provide you with the easiest operation with the highest performance, you need a cordless model. They are also the most versatile and portable options in the market. Perhaps the only disadvantage of cordless models as opposed to other types of grease guns is the fact that they are heavier. You need to pay attention to the weight of your tool when you are looking to buy a cordless model.

Our Pick

We have already picked a cordless model for the best grease gun overall which was DeWalt’s 20V Grease Gun. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option in the market, you gotta take a look at Ridgid’s 18V Cordless Grease Gun.

A cordless grease gun is being used plus text about the qualities of cordless grease guns

Best Pneumatic Grease Gun

One of the advantages of pneumatic tools in general as opposed to cordless ones in general is that they are much lighter. The disadvantage of these types of tools is that you always need an air compressor to use them and an air compressor is a heavy item to carry and transport. The good thing about pneumatic grease guns is that you don’t usually need a large air compressor to use them.

Our Pick

Lincoln is one of the most renowned brands in the market. Their Lincoln 1162 Pneumatic Grease Gun is an amazing tool with a 30-inch flex hose with a coupler that allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas. This model has also 16 ounces of capacity and it can work continuously.

A pneumatic grease gun is being used plus text about how good they are for professional needs

Best Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment

Lubrication is one of the most important tasks for the maintenance and smooth operation of heavy equipment. The best grease guns for heavy equipment should have the following features:

  • High flow rate and high pressure
  • Superior build quality to withstand rugged conditions
  • High grease capacity
Grease is being used plus text about factors for choosing the best grease guns

Our Pick

If you are looking for the best hand-held lever action grease gun suitable for heavy-duty uses we recommend Alemite 500-E Grease Gun. This grease gun is one of the best manual grease guns out there. It has 16 ounces of capacity and it can provide a pressure of 10,000 psi at a rate of 1 ounce per 21 strokes. This product also features die-cast aluminum which provides durability and sturdiness.

A heavy-duty manual grease gun resting on the table

Best Grease Gun for the Money

If you need the right grease gun for the job at the right price, several brands provide a lot of quality at a much more affordable price.

Our Pick

Ronix RH-4300 is a durable full-steel body grease gun that has ergonomic features for easy usage. It has a capacity of 400 CC (13 oz.) and can reach a pressure of 4500 psi. Overall, it’s an exceptional model in its price range.

A grease gun plus text about its advantages

Best Grease Gun for Automotive Work

The best grease guns for automotive applications should have the following features:

  • Durability and high build quality: Due to the ruggedness of automotive environments.
  • Ergonomics: Mechanics tend to work for long hours and they could get fatigued if their tools are not easy to use.
  • High performance: The best grease gun for automotive work should have a high capacity and provide enough pressure and flow rate to lubricate different components.

Our Pick

Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun has an 18-inch hose. It can provide a pressure of 6000 psi. It has 14 ounces of capacity and it is made of durable and anti-corrosion material. This model has a ton of favorable reviews online from users and we recommend it.

A grease gun lying on top of different tools

Best Grease Gun for Tractors and Farm Equipment

Grease guns are a necessity for farmers. Farm equipment and tractors need constant and steady lubrication. The best grease gun in this category should have a high performance that can provide medium to high pressure and flow rate. Durability and ergonomics are also important factors for finding the right product that is suitable for farm equipment.

Our Pick

Milwaukee M18 Cordless 2 Speed Grease Gun Kit is another cordless option from one of the best brands in the power tools industry. This model can provide a pressure of 10000 psi and it has enough versatility for doing different types of tasks. One of the benefits of this model is also the 48-inch flexible hose that comes with the model.

 A cordless grease gun is being used on farm equipment

Best Professional Grease Gun

Probably the best grease guns for professional use are pneumatic types because they can be used continuously for a long time while being lightweight. If your work involves moving a lot though, probably you can benefit from getting a cordless model more than a pneumatic one.

Our Pick

If you are looking for the best grease gun in this category, you first need to determine the requirements of your work. If you need portability and mobility, we recommend the DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Grease Gun. But our ultimate choice in this category is a product we reviewed earlier which is Lincoln 1162 Pneumatic Grease Gun, a highly recommended air model for professional work.

A grease gun being used to lubricate heavy machinery plus text about how flex hoses are essential

Best Professional Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings

Lubricating trailer bearings requires grease guns that can provide a high enough pressure (5000 psi). If you want to grease trailer bearings, it is also essential to make sure your grease gun comes with a long enough flex hose to grease hard-to-reach spots.

Our Pick

GreaseTek Grease Gun Pistol is a product with a lot of positive reviews online, ideal for trailer bearings with its 18-inch flex hose. It can deliver 1 ounce per 40 strokes and has a capacity of 400cc. If you are looking for an even more affordable option, you can take a look at Ronix RH-4300. This product is arguably the best manual grease gun you can find at this price point.

Best Grease Gun for Boat Trailer

Durability and resistance to corrosion are some of the most important features to consider when you want to lubricate components in marine environments. Stainless steel or aluminum are the best materials for a grease gun that is used in marine environments. You also need special types of grease that are suitable for these environments.

Our Pick

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun is a product with high performance and durability and it is made of extremely resistant material. With a maximum pressure of 7,500 psi, it is ideal for lubricating boat trailers. This product is among the best manual grease guns.

Grease gun being used plus text about essential factors for lubricating boats

Best Grease Gun for Home Use

For most lubrication needs at home, you can get away with a manual grease gun. Home lubricating applications do not require as much pressure as professional applications. A grease gun that can provide a pressure of 3,000 to 5,000 psi should be enough for most lubricating uses at home. Depending on your particular application at home, you may need attachments such as flex hoses, etc.

Our Pick

LUMAX LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun is an ideal grease gun for home use that can reach a pressure of 7000 psi. It comes with an 18-inch flex hose and can be operated with one hand. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can take a look at Ronix RH-4300.

Best Grease Guns Buyers Guide

In this section, we will talk about all the features and qualities that are important in choosing the best grease gun for your applications. First of all, we are gonna talk about technical features that you need to know. There are different types of grease guns depending on their power source, maximum pressure, capacity, and loading method.

Other factors that are important for choosing the best grease guns are durability and build quality, ease of use, flexibility and compatibility, and affordability.

A grease gun is being used plus text about essential features for choosing one

How are Grease Guns Powered?

There are three main types of grease guns depending on how they are powered. These three types are manual, electric, and pneumatic. Depending on your application, the best grease gun for you may be any of them.

Manual Grease Guns:

Manual or handheld grease guns are operated using your hands. The grease is unloaded using the power of your hands. There are two types of handheld models: pistol grip and lever-action. Pistol grip models are operated with one hand and lever-action models have to be operated with two hands.

Electric Grease Guns:

Electric grease guns provide the most amount of versatility out of all the different types and they can provide the highest amount of pressure. There are two different types of electric models: corded and cordless. Nowadays, the most popular type of electric grease gun on the market is the cordless variety. The problem with cordless models is that they are heavier than every other type of grease gun but they are more portable and mobile.

Pneumatic Grease Guns:

Pneumatic models are the most heavy-duty type of grease guns. They can be used continuously for a long time and they are lightweight. If you get a pneumatic model, you will need to get yourself an air compressor. You need to check the requirements of your grease gun to get the right air compressor for your grease gun.

Maximum Pressure and Flow Rate

Different types of jobs require different amounts of pressure for different jobs. Heavy-duty equipment can not be lubricated properly with low pressure and if you use high pressure on components that are lubricated using lower pressure you can damage them.

The flow rate of a grease gun is the speed at which the grease is dispensed. A higher flow rate can save you a lot of time and make the task easier and thus save you a lot of energy as well. It’s better to get a grease that has a high maximum flow rate but still allows you to control the flow rate when you need to do more precise tasks.


The capacity of your grease gun is important. A higher capacity means that the gun doesn’t need to be refilled as frequently. Most grease guns have capacities in the range of 13 to 16 ounces but some models offer even more capacity for high-volume applications.

Loading Method

There are three ways to load grease guns: suction, bulking, and cartridges.

  • With the suction method, the grease gun is loaded with grease in exactly the opposite way that it is used. In this method, you put the grease gun in the grease bucket and pull the plunger rod to fill the grease gun barrel.
  • In the bulking method, the barrel of the grease gun is filled by using a spoon. This method is relatively more time-consuming.
  • Using a cartridge is the easiest way to load grease guns. Whenever you need to load the grease gun, you just change the cartridge.


Even if you have the best grease gun in terms of power and max pressure, you still need attachments like flex hoses to use your tool. You need to make sure that your tool comes with a long enough flex hose and the right type of coupler for your applications.

Grease gun being used to lubricate heavy machinery plus text about grease gun durability

What about other qualities?

Other factors are extremely important when buying a grease gun. These qualities are durability, versatility, ease of use, and affordability.

  • Durability: This is one of the most important factors to consider for finding the best grease gun. These tools are used in rugged environments that can cause damage and corrosion to the body of the tool. Therefore, it is important to get a tool with a high build quality.
  • Versatility (Flexibility): Different equipment requires different flow rates and pressure. It’s essential to have a tool that can give you a different flow rate and pressure for different applications.
  • Ease-of-Use: One of the most important factors to consider for getting a grease gun is how easy it is to use the tool. This gets even more important in the case of handheld ones. Whenever you need to lubricate for a long duration, your hands could get fatigued if you do not have a grease gun that is not ergonomic and easy to use.
  • Affordability: The grease gun market is a diverse one. If you don’t have the budget for the most high-end models, you can still find products that can compete with the top brands in terms of quality at a significantly lower price point.


What should I look for in a grease gun?

The first thing that you should look for in a grease gun is how it is powered. There are three types of grease guns: handheld, pneumatic, and electric. Other features that need to be considered are maximum pressure, flow rate, capacity, ease of use, and durability.

Is a powered grease gun worth it?

If you are a professional who needs to regularly lubricate different types of equipment, then a powered grease gun is worth it.

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11 October 2023

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