Glue It Up, Make Art: Best Glue Gun for Crafts

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Best Glue Gun for Crafts

If you’re a crafter, artist, teacher, DIYer, or even just an engaged parent, you know the value of the best glue gun for crafts. Do you remember using those tubes of white school glue on your projects and having to wait an hour for them to dry and risking the projects falling apart with each light breeze passing by? But there are other choices that provide you with a better experience of making crafts and smoothly move up to the next stages of your project without having to wait for hours in between.

But you cannot settle for anything less than the best craft glue gun. So, let’s discover how we can determine which one is the best for your requirements.

Best Glue Gun for Crafts

You might think there’s just one type of glue gun but there are a number of them that can be at your service. There are glue guns in the form of:

  • Low-temperature: for temperature-sensitive materials like foam, fabric, and certain plastics
  • High-temperature: for creating a stronger bond in woodworking, metal, and heavier plastics. Ronix RH-4464 is an example.
  • Dual-temperature: versatile for different projects requiring different temperature ranges, best glue gun for crafts. for example: Gorilla Dual Temp Glue Gun that has a high and low-temperature
Gorilla Dual Temp Glue Gun for Crafts
  • Corded: the most common ones operating with electricity and suitable for a wide range of activities
  • Cordless: powered by rechargeable batteries and suitable for outdoor projects
  • Butane-powered: uses butane gas cartridges as a heat source and is suitable for outdoor projects
  • Pneumatic: uses compressed air to dispense hot glue and is suitable for industrial settings
  • Manual: operated by hand and used for smaller and more precise projects
  • Industrial glue gun: heavy-duty and suitable for high-volume use
  • Mini: best hot glue gun for crafts, hobbies, and small DIY projects
mini glue gun best glue gun for crafts
  • Specialty glue gun: for specific tasks such as electronics, woodworking, …
  • Adjustable temperature glue gun: flexible temperature for different materials

However, if you want to use them just for doing crafts, you might want to consider these two:

Low-Temperature Glue Gun

These devices are some of the best glue guns for crafting that are made with materials like fabric, foam, and certain papers that are sensitive to heat. To keep your materials safe while working, this is a great choice.

low-temperature glue gun best glue gun for crafts

Dual-Temperature Glue Gun

As mentioned, the dual-temperature ones provide both a low and a high temperature. This enables you to perform a wider range of tasks rather than having one with a pre-determined temperature. You can use the low setting for your delicate works and the high setting for stronger bonds between tougher materials.

Mini Glue Gun

As they are smaller, they allow for a wider range of motion while working which is perfect for crafts and art projects and therefore, they are considered one of the best glue guns for crafting.

But either of these you want to choose, you need to keep certain characteristics in mind.

Buying Guide for the Best Glue Gun for Crafts

Let’s see what are the things that make the best crafting glue gun and what you should be considering.

buying guide for the best glue gun for crafts

Type of Glue Gun: What Temperature

We’ve already talked about the different types you can choose for your crafting tasks. Whether it’s low, high, or dual temperature, it will cover different projects you have on hand. Low temperature is best for delicate work, high temperature is suitable for a wider range of materials. Dual-temperature glue gun, as it gives you the chance to work with different temperatures, provides you with more flexibility.

Size and Weight

You’re a crafter, right? So being able to move your utensils smoothly and with ease is important. The best glue gun for crafting and doing intricate work is a lightweight and small one.

Power Source

Your glue gun can be corded, cordless, or butane-powered. Of course, one that doesn’t need you to be bound by the length of a cord is more freeing and can be more accommodating to your crafting needs.

cordless glue gun for crafts

Glue Stick Size

Of course, the stick size should be compatible with the gun itself. Mini ones need thinner sticks and standard ones require larger sticks.

Note: the best hot glue guns for crafting are the ones that have easily found and replaced glue sticks.

Trigger Mechanism

Whether it’s a manual or a continuous feed trigger, it might be more or less comfortable for you to use. Choose according to your comfort.

Heat-Up Time

The faster your gun heats up, the more time you save while making crafts and art. WORKPRO Cordless Hot Glue Gun has the option to warm up in under two minutes.

Temperature Control

As we’ve already informed you, one of the best glue guns for crafting is a dual-temperature one. If you wind up choosing this one, make sure to check the temperature controls so they are easy to use.

temperature control in a heat gun

Safety Features

No explanation is needed for this one. Safety comes first. So, make sure your glue gun has an insulated nozzle, a built-in stand, and a trigger lock to avoid accidental glue dispensing.

Comfort and Grip

The best craft glue gun you can choose is comfortable in your hands so it won’t strain you in long working sessions.

Stand and Stability

You’ve probably always seen a glue gun leaning to its buddy, a stand. While creating some of the best hot glue gun crafts, you need your other stuff to be safe from the heat. The job of the stand is to keep the gun from touching the surface and prevent damage. A sturdy hand can accompany you better.

stand for glue gun

Cord Length

If the model you’re choosing is corded, it better have a long cord so you can move around more freely. And if you already have chosen one with a short cord, you can always buy extension cords.

corded glue gun for crafts


Some brands offer extra nozzles, a case, or a starter pack of glue sticks with their gun.

Brand and Reviews

As for any tool or device, make sure to check out what people have said about the brand and its reputation.

Intended Use

You’ll create the best glue gun craft with a gun that’s specific to your particular use. Like a fine-tip nozzle for intricate detail or a higher-output gun for larger projects.

We’ve reviewed what you should be looking for when choosing the best glue gun for crafts. Also, now you know about different types of glue guns so you can easily search and choose the model and brand that fits your crafting needs best.

For instance, Ronix offers several different items in the glue gun category that can be your best friend when making crafts and intricate work. Do check out our catalogs and product descriptions to find which suits your needs best!


Which glue gun is best for crafts?

A low-temperature, dual-temperature or mini glue gun is best for crafts.

Is hot glue good for crafts?

Depends on the material you’re using but usually crafts are made with delicate materials so it’s best to use low-temperature hot glues on them.

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24 January 2024

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