Best Cordless Power Tool Brands in 2024

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best cordless power tools

What is the best cordless power tool brand? It sounds like a simple question, but it’s not so easy to answer. Nowadays, there are lots of different brands with different prices and tools designed for different jobs. Figuring out which one is better than the rest is something people wonder about every day. It would be really helpful if someone could give a clear answer to this common question.

Deciding on the best cordless power tools can be tricky. Various new products and brands are competing for a spot in your toolbox. The right choice boils down to what you specifically need, your budget, and your personal preferences.

Do you work as an electrician? Carpenter? Plumber? DIY enthusiast? Every user’s needs are unique, and no brand answers all your needs.

We’re not talking about the perfect cordless drill or combo kit; we’re talking about the best tool brand for you. Rather than simply answering the title question, we will introduce our findings about each tool brand to help you make a decision.

Picture of someone picking the best cordless tools.

The listed brands below are the best and the most successful ones in the market:

(Listed in alphabetical order)

  • Bosch
  • Dewalt
  • Hilti
  • Makita
  • Metabo
  • Milwaukee
  • Ridgid
  • Ronix
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best cordless tools for contractors

Cordless tools are incredibly useful for contractors who tackle a variety of tasks in different fields and locations. Whether they’re assembling wooden structures, setting up electrical systems, or repairing pipes, these cordless tools prove highly beneficial. They’re also excellent for outdoor jobs such as trimming branches or maintaining lawns. These products significantly simplify the work for contractors, both indoors and outdoors.

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Now, when it comes to picking the best cordless tool brand from the well-known options, my suggestion is Bosch and Milwaukee. Why? Continue reading to uncover the rationale behind this recommendation.


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Pros: Great efficiency and reliability. Advanced battery technology ensures longer runtimes and faster charging. Bosch products feature ergonomic designs for user comfort.

Cons: In the United States, Bosch has not kept up with rivals, and certain innovations are launched later or not at all compared to Europe. Bosch products are priced at a premium compared to some other brands

Overall: Bosch manufactures some incredible products. In general, their 12V and 18V series of tools aren’t as powerful as same level competitors’. Although some of their previous products were inspiring, there are fewer reasons to invest in any of Bosch’s cordless power tool systems today.


picture of a person using one of the best cordless tools

Pros: Superior quality, reliability, and performance. The M18 (18V/20V-class) cordless power tool system is fantastic, and the M12 (12V-class) tool range is unrivaled. Milwaukee Tools is a forward-thinking company.

Cons: M12 tools use a stem-style battery that inserts into the handle, resulting in a chunkier grip than some other manufacturers’ slide-style batteries.

Overall: Milwaukee aims to be a “solutions provider,” and it moves rapidly towards new markets. Their M12 cordless series of tools were designed to be a user-friendly alternative to hand tools. Their developing M18 system includes all of the essential tools for professionals, serious users, and various trade-specific options.

Best cordless tool brands for homeowners

We all have various chores to handle at home. Fixing things, assembling furniture, or tending to the garden are some everyday tasks we encounter in life. When you need to tighten a screw or make a quick adjustment, cordless tools come in handy. In times of a power outage or emergency, they act like superheroes, assisting with swift repairs or offering light. Overall, cordless tools make household tasks easier and more convenient.

picture of a person using one of the best cordless tools

If you’re curious about the top cordless tool brand for homeowners, consider exploring DeWalt, and Hilti power tools. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages to understand the reasons behind this recommendation.


picture of a person using one of the best cordless tool brands

Pros: Nice quality, wide variety, comfortable ergonomics, and high reliability are only a few of this brand’s advantages. Dewalt has been successfully improving their 12V Max Xtreme Subcompact series and their 20V Max and FlexVolt cordless power tool lineups.

Cons: DeWalt enters into some product markets, such as automotive tools, with delay. Their 12V Max lineup needs to be worked on, and they seem to be improving it.

Overall: Dewalt continues to be a pioneer in many fields. They no longer play catch-up, and they’re breaking the boundaries once again.


picture of a person using one of the best cordless tool brands

Pros: Outstanding credibility, no gimmick solutions. Tools are known for a long lifespan

Offers a wide range of products for diverse needs

Cons: Retail inventory is limited. Considered premium, with higher prices. Tools are more advanced and potentially complex for DIY users

Overall: Hilti caters to businesses rather than people. They specialize in masonry tools, but they also have excellent products for working with wood, metal, and other typical building and fabrication materials.

best power tools for professionals

picture of a person using one of the best cordless tool brands

As a professional, you have a variety of tasks, like woodworking, plumbing, and electrical work. Since tools are your trusty companions, you’ve likely pondered which brand is the ideal choice for professionals like yourself. Selecting the best cordless power tools can be a tough decision. Among the many options, I recommend considering Ronix, Makita, Metabo, and Rigid for your toolkit.


picture of a person using one of the best cordless tool brands

Pros: A wide variety of 18V cordless power tools, revised 12V Max system, a steady stream of developments, good reputation, and high reliability.

Cons: Makita is slow to keep up with the latest market trends, and certain product categories have several redundant options.

Overall: Makita’s 18V LXT cordless system is quite successful, and their 18V X2 platform offers a variety of exclusive and higher-powered options to users. The Makita XGT 40V Max platform will soon be available in the United States, but it will not be compatible with the 18V cordless system.


picture of a person using one of the best cordless tool brands

Pros: Outstanding quality, reliability, as well as a good reputation. Metabo is known for pushing the boundaries of cordless power tool technology.

Cons: Compared to other pro-grade brands, there is a smaller range, less market accessibility, and lower publicity.

Overall: Metabo has a wide range of best cordless power tools and has been steadily expanding its product line. While the 18V cordless model is more commonly used in Europe, many products are also available in the United States.


picture of a person using the best cordless power tools

Pros: Ridgid offers a wide range of 18V cordless power tools, as well as several exclusive and revolutionary models. The brand strikes a strong balance between performance and price. With several exceptions, the Exclusive Lifetime Service Agreement includes parts, service, and batteries.

Cons: Limited range of 18V tools compared to the other brands and the elimination of the 12V system.

Overall: Ridgid is a reputable company, and their 18V cordless power tool system has been improved and expanded over time. Some of their tools offer features not available in other cordless tools, leading some consumers to select Ridgid as their main or secondary brand.


picture of a person using the best cordless power tools

Pros: Ronix 8618N pushes the boundaries with its 18V battery. Ronix offers a series of powerful and best cordless tools with extra batteries that help you feel the power in your hands. Ronix is also famous for its reliability, tool efficiency, broad diversity that satisfies a range of users, and professional behavior.

Cons: Limited availability compared to many other brands.

Overall: Ronix has a wide variety of the best cordless tools and has been steadily growing. Ronix has many competitive and compelling tools that make the company a perfect candidate since its capabilities match specific user needs and desires.

Information Reference:

What is the best brand of cordless power tools totally?

Choosing the best brand depends on your specific requirements, the type of work you do, and your budget.

Picture of a drill.
  •  Warranty and Support: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period indicates confidence in the tool’s durability. Additionally, assess the availability of customer support and service centers.
  • Budget Consideration: Determine your budget and find products that offer the best balance of features and performance within your price range.
  • Brand Reputation: Research and consider the reputation of the brand. Established brands with a history of producing reliable products are often a safe bet.

How can we recognize the best cordless tools?

picture of a person using tools in a Wood workshop

Recognizing the best cordless tools involves considering several key factors to ensure they meet your specific needs and preferences. Here are some essential criteria to help you identify the best cordless tools:

  • Power and Performance: Look for products with sufficient power for your intended tasks. Check the voltage and motor specifications to ensure they match the demands of your work.
  • Battery Life: Evaluate the battery life to ensure it meets the demands of your projects
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: Consider the design and ergonomics of the tool. A comfortable grip and well-balanced weight contribute to reduced fatigue during extended use.
  •   Durability and Build Quality: Assess the build quality and materials used. Durable    construction ensures the tool can withstand the rigors of professional use and lasts over time.

In summary, determining the absolute best cordless tool brand from various options might be challenging, even impossible. However, identifying the best tool for your specific needs is more manageable. By understanding your expectations and requirements, you can find a brand that effectively meets your needs.


What are the best power tools for professionals?
The best power tools for professionals include a cordless drill/driver, circular saw, reciprocating saw, impact driver, jigsaw, angle grinder, random orbital sander, router, table saw, air compressor with nail gun, multi-tool, and power planer.

What are the best power tools for homeowners?
For homeowners, essential power tools often include a cordless drill, circular saw, jigsaw, random orbital sander, cordless screwdriver, plunger, utility knife, tape measure, adjustable wrench, and a stud finder.

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