A Complete Guide to The World’s Best Abrasive Manufacturers

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Best Abrasive Manufacturers

Making abrasives goes back a long way in history and before. The oldest coated abrasive found belongs to the 13th century. But their use dates back to the Stone Age: When people crafted tools by rubbing two pieces of stone together. After thousands of years since then, they have burst into various types including grinding wheels, sandpapers, polishes, honing stones, and ball mills. Now is a time of huge abrasive manufacturers and their mass production.

That’s why the one who wants to buy abrasives, should have proper data on the best companies, to find the best among all. Let’s take a look at a list of 10 bests.

List of Top 10 Abrasive Manufacturers in The World

Find the top abrasive companies in the world here. They bring the most durable and high-performance abrading equipment.

1- 3M Company

You may find it surprising that the company that invented Post-in Notes is on this list! But Yes. 3M is an American abrasive manufacturer famous for its enduring legacy along with its pioneering solutions. In sandpapers, grinding discs, and other products, they have developed revolutionary innovations such as non-woven technology, Cubitron II precision-shaped grain technology, and microreplication technology, making them perform perfectly and last for a long time.

3M Company Headquarters Building

2- Saint-Gobain Abrasives

As the name suggests, Saint-Gobain is among the specialized abrasive companies. They offer “user-friendly solutions for every step of the abrasive process” as they state on their official website. They are committed to applying cutting-edge innovations in the abrading tech, encompassing the latest grain adhesions, infiltrated high-density technology, and 3D grain spacing technology. Using them, they provide high-quality products such as sandpapers, diamond blades, grinding wheels, and vacuum discs.

Saint-Gobain Company Building

3- Mirka

Mirka is one of the top abrasive companies in the world that has introduced and developed robotic sanding (AIROS), addressing the evolving needs of the modern user. The technology is what sets the brand apart from other abrasive producers. The innovation integrates robotic arms with sensors, AI algorithms, and intelligent software into the sanding process. This leads to a uniform finish and consistent quality.

Mirka Company Building

4- Norton Abrasives

Each producer we mentioned had a special feature to stand out; Norton excels because it is the world’s largest abrasive manufacturer and supplier. They are also known for being a pioneer in mass-producing precision-made grinding wheels. This company mainly offers abrasive products such as bonded, coated, non-woven abrasives to be applied in construction, welding, auto-polishing, and DIY.

5- Klingspor,

If you want to find an all-inclusive abrasive manufacturer, Klingspor is a resourceful answer to your needs. They offer 50,000 tools for removal, polishing, milling, cutting, finishing, and grinding to handle every abrading task. They boast their advanced machinery, professional R&D department, and well-trained staff and guarantee their quality based upon their strict quality check processes over their production lines.

Klingspor Company Building

6- Asahi Diamond Industrial Co.

Ltd. Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. is a tool company based in France. It is known for its expertise in manufacturing diamond and cubic boron nitride (cBN) tools which are used in automotive, aerospace, optic, and construction sectors. The material they are known for is one of the hardest and most durable abrasives available. Which they aim to provide customers with durable tools that can handle the most demanding conditions. 

7- Tyrolit Pferd

Technical specs matter when choosing an abrasive manufacturer, but Tyrolit Pferd stands out by offering more. Along with quality, premium materials, and advanced boding techniques, they develop a CSR process: producing sustainably. They hold the value of using responsibly sourced materials and minimizing energy usage, carbon footprint, and waste generation in the production process.

Tyrolit Pferd Company Building

8- Bosch

A super multitasker like Bosch is a professional in abrasives as well. listed among the best abrasive tool manufacturers, Bosch offers abrasive accessories such as Sanders, diamond cutting discs cleaning fleece, polishing pads, foam, sponge, and felt discs, which can be used on different materials and surfaces. Bosch offers the abrasives as individually packaged attachments to the tools, or in convenient sets.

Norton’s key areas of manufacture in the abrasives market are bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, non-woven abrasives, super abrasives, and specialty non-abrasive products.

Bosch Company Building

9- Sait Abrasives,

Sait Abrasives is one of the leading Italian abrasive manufacturers, producing both bonded and coated abrading products specifically designed for the industrial market. They are a member of FEPA (European Federation of Abrasive Producers), as well as OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives).

They offer a wide variety of 90,000 abrasives that provide various options for all sorts of applications. The products are strictly tested and certified to meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

10- Nippon Resibon

With its super series of abrasives, colored grinding wheels, and flexible grinding wheels Nippon Resibon has a lot to say in the field of innovation and raising the performance of abrasives. Specifically, the flexible one is the first and can boost the quality of grinding and make it easier than before. That’s why it has received a good reputation in the international market.

But as a Japanese business, they have a firm vision to develop their original grinding wheels that are specifically designed to respond to the different needs of end users in Japan and overseas.

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Coated Abrasives Manufacturers

Coated Abrasives consist of grains bonded on a flexible base like paper or polyester film. They are usually produced by using adhesive to spread abrasive grains over them, and a coat to secure them.

Top coated abrasive manufacturers in the world are the ones that handle this process applying the latest technologies and the best raw materials. You can see the best abrasive producers we mentioned before here.

  • 3M Abrasives
  • Saint-Gobain Abrasives
  • Klingspor
  • SIA Abrasives (part of Bosch Group)
  • Mirka
A Collection of Coated Abrasives

Bonded Abrasives Manufacturers

Bonded Abrasives consist of abrasive materials which are bonded together in a solid form. They are used for grinding, cutting, and finishing. The best companies manufacturing them are committed to precision manufacturing processes, quality control, and providing high-quality materials. The following manufacturers are the most known and favorite ones:

  • Saint-Gobain Abrasives
  • 3M Abrasives
  • Tyrolit Group
  • Flexovit
  • Klingspor
Bonded Abrasives Manufacturers

Abrasive Manufacturers in the USA

The USA is a home for giant Abrasive Companies with several product lines and subsidiaries either in the country or around the world. We have talked about some before because they are ranked as the top ones.

American producers are known for using advanced technologies, commitment to strict quality controls, and offering customized abrasive solutions for different needs.

Read the following infographic to learn more about the best USA abrasive manufacturers and their subsidiaries.

A Tree Chart of Abrasive manufacturers in the USA and their branches

Abrasive Manufacturers in India

India is a growing area in terms of the tool manufacturing industry, including abrasives. this growth has made them a global hub in this field. However, the landscape of abrasive equipment in India isn’t merely dominated by homegrown companies. Indians have had long-term cooperation with international producers. This has made their product collections colorful and variable.

Brands from the USA and Germany have integrated their knowledge and experience into the Indian abrasive manufacturing system and have helped their tools’ quality grow.

But, still, there are originally Indian companies in the abrasive market that produce world-class abrasives and distribute them across the country and the world.  Here is a list of them.

Domestic and international abrasive manufacturers in India

Abrasive Manufacturers in Germany

Germany has a rich history and expertise in abrasive manufacturing. The Germans have developed abrasive technologies over hundreds of years and now have a lot to say and enjoy a strong reputation around the world for their superior quality, durability, and technical expertise. Take a look at the infographic to find out about the long legacy of German abrasives.

A timeline of German abrasive manufacturers’ history

Abrasive Manufacturers in China  

China’s name is tailored with the manufacturing these days and abrasive production is no exception. The country is home to different ranges of abrasive manufacturers, ranging from small-scale ones to large ones.

Competitive pricing, a wide range of products, and recent investments in automation, robotics, digitalization, and being export-oriented are the most outstanding features of the Chinese abrasive industry. Find the 7 top Chinese abrasive manufacturers below.

A list of Chinese abrasive manufacturers

Abrasive Manufacturers in South Africa

Despite the presence of famous international abrasive companies like Pferd, Norton Abrasives, and Tyrolit in South Africa, there is no notable abrasive manufacturer that is originally from South Africa.

Yet local manufacturers such as Santek Industrial Abrasives are still active in the domestic market producing non-woven and converter-coated and non-woven commodity products.


Who Are the Top Abrasive Manufacturers in The World?

3M, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Nippon Resibon, Sait Abrasives, Bosch, Tyrolit Pferd, Klingspor, and Mirka are among the top ones.

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