Tools Accessories

Tools’ accessories are the parts that any tool needs to perform in a better way, which could replace the main and fabric ones at any probable time of damage or break-downs. Tools accessories are provided by any company that makes tools, but one of the best choices is that you select from the company. But why do we insist on using these products? There are various reasons, like the wide variety of products, the fulfillment of any favor, and the after-sale services, Ronix tries to satisfy the customers.

Types of Tools Accessories:

Tools accessories include any spare part a tool needs. In this company, most of the spare parts for the tools made and sold in the company are produced and the tools would contain any spare part that is needed. They are divided in two Tools accessories have a very wide range, some of which are included in the list below:

  • Cutting Wheels: These wheels are used to cut through the metal and steel.
  • Grinding Wheels: these kinds of wheels have an extremely high stock removal and can be widely used in grinding applications for various types of steel.
  • Cut off Wheels: These wheels are just used to cut metal.
  • Granite Cutting Disk: As its name shows, these disks are used to cut stones and granites.
  • Ceramic Cutting Disk: These disks are mostly used for ceramic tiles, rather than any other materials.
  • Circular Saw Blades: Saw Blades are produced using tungsten carbide. This material allows the tool to work more than standard, and give the opportunity to customer to use it in hot weather.
  • Drill Bit Set: These drill bit sets vary in number and the materials, and even in the materials they can make hole in.
  • Jigsaw Blade: These blades are used to for different materials. It has three colors: “black” is used for wood, “red” is used for metal, and “silver” is used for MDF.
  • SDS Plus Drill Bit: these drill bits are made with tungsten carbide. They are mostly used to anchoring and to make sturdy holes.
  • Coil Hose: Using some of the tools in Ronix require these kinds of hose. They are available in Ronix brand. These hoses can tolerate the maximum pressure rate of 8 bar.
  • SDS Chisels: with the body made out of hardened steel, these chisels have an increased life and durability.
  • Hole Saw: the hole saws mentioned here are produced with tungsten carbide. They include a lot of different shapes from hex-shaped to flat-shaped.

The above-mentioned list is a brief summary of the products that Ronix has. These tools make convenience for the customers and it might be a great choice if consumers choose our company, as it provides a wide range of products. As any other product, after-sale services are included in this category as well as other products. If anything goes wrong with the objects, the responsible company takes the responsibility of replacing them with a new one. Moreover, Products of this company are rarely problematic, so there would be no issues to worry about. As the company offers after-sales services.

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