We humans may not be the biggest, strongest, most flexible, or most immune species on the planet. We definitely couldn’t make it to 21st century only with our bear hands. But what was the main thing that helped us through? That is right, “Hand Tools”.

Humans started to build tools the second they sharpened stones and used sharp sticks in order to hunt. In other words, tools are the main thing that had set us apart from any other living species.

But does that mean that our need for hand tools is over with all the technologies we are using today? No. They remain one the most useful items found in every toolbox in every house, whether you want to fix your tire in the middle of the road or tighten a little screw in the back of your laptop. To carry out your job you need to have the right range of tools.


In the time when people used to forge a sword, hot steel were handled by pliers. The basic design hasn’t changed since long time ago when it was first invented. The simple design and high efficiency made this tool needless to any additional high-tech features. But as we all know the pliers’ usage does not sum up to only holding and griping; they are also used for cutting, twisting and bending in other related industries.

Needle-nose pliers

The famous plier known by many names: Needle-nose Plier. You may have seen it also as long-nose-, pointy-nose-, pinch-nose- or snipe-nose pliers. This hand tool is one the most favorites among electricians, network engineers and jewelry designers, due to its long and sharp jaws which makes it suitable for precise works. Tight spaces might not be reachable if you use your hand only, then enters needle-nose pliers with their pointy, serrated and knurled jaws that help you grip any tiny wire in tiny spaces. Having pointy tips and cutting edge near the joint, gives you alternative for cutting, bending and looping. Ronix long-nose pliers have anti-slip grip handles and heated Chrome-vanadium Steel, make them excellent hand tools for long-term tasks.

Locking Plier

The other useful plier is Locking Pliers, also known as vice-grips (depending on their locking mechanism). You may usually see them by loosening nuts, washers or pipe-joint. Even for removing broken nails and holding objects they come in handy. If you have the experience using one, you are familiar with hex adjustment screw that gives you the ability to adjust the gripping mouth size. If it’s your first time using one, there is a bolt at the end of one handle, screw counter-clockwise to widen for large objects and clockwise for smaller ones. If the pliers are locked you can see a push plate at the end of the other handle; pushing it would release the clamping force. Now that you are familiar with how it works, let’s know more about qualities a good locking plier has. Curved jaw, with advantage of built-in wire cutter, high-grade steel handles are few to mention which you can have all in one with Ronix high-quality locking pliers.

Diagonal Cutting Plier

Another widely known among hand tools are Diagonal Cutting Pliers. As you can get from its name, the cutting blades are at an angle to the handles, and also these pliers are only for cutting. So, make sure you don’t grab any wire with it before you cut the power!

Combination Plier

For the next plier, as in for its name, it is a combination of all pliers above: The Combination Plier. Suitable for all your regular wire-cutting needs, such as gripping, bending, cutting, compressing, and twisting. You can see the combination of different jaws in them. From the tip to bottom, there is the serrated gripping surface (flat) and then the pipe grip (circle) and last is the side cutter. In addition, in case of contacting any live wire, the insulation handle grips will reduce the electric shock.

Tower Pincer

Next to introduce, is the helpful Tower Pincer. For removing nails, cutting and pinching embedded object deep in wood or other materials, you can go and grab your Ronix tower pincer for all. Depending on their function and different head, they may be called by different names. For instant, Carpenter’s pincers are mostly used for extracting nails from wood. You can also find different sizes of this hand tools on the basis of their length.

Water Pump Plier

Finally, we get to water pump pliers. These multi-purpose hand tools are useful for gripping and holding tight to nuts, bolts and other object with different shapes; round, square or hexagonal, you name it. As for different parts of a water pump pliers, there is a tracking section under the upper jaw, which by adjusting to various positions you can increase and decrease the gap between the jaws. With the mentioned options, you can find these hand tools in toolboxes of mechanics, plumbers, electricians and network engineers. If you have tasks requiring a water pump plier, buy yourself one from Ronix hand tools, consisting comfort grips and rust resistant jaws made from chrome vanadium steel.

Mini Pliers

If you are a fan of mini versions, we can offer you our mini combination pliers, diagonal cutting pliers and needle-nose pliers too, this group of Ronix pliers are more popular in electrical applications. Ronix mini pliers are designed by the same standards and with the same quality, just to fit your toolbox and improve comfort while using.

Cordless tools have freed us from the prison of cords! You no longer need to constantly search for a source of electricity every place you go to work. These tools usually are lighter and more compact than their corded options, which makes them great for jobs that need a lot of moving around. Their compact shapes might mislead you to think that they are not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. But don’t let their looks fool you, they are POWERFUL!
Ronix produces various cordless tools to cover different needs of its users. Whether you need a tool to do simple screwing tasks around the house or you want to take on heavy-duty projects, Ronix is ready to support you. To maximize the functionality of these tools, Ronix has been progressively improving its cordless tools and it has coming up with new features. Many of Ronix cordless tools are anti-shock, water-resistant and are designed ergonomically to provide safety for the users.


Among hand tools wrenches and spanners are one family. Basically, they are the same thing while Americans call them wrenches and British people call them spanners, here we have wrenches as adjustable spanners. With the little difference, they both do the same task, turning non-fastening nuts and devices. In other words, these tools amplify the mechanical pressure to give torque for turning nuts & bolts. There are many types of wrenches and spanners you can find by Ronix which in the next section you will get more familiar with their usage and structure. Keep on reading!

Double End Spanners

The celebrity among spanners is the double end spanner, or also known as the open-ended spanner. This popular hand tool is used for basic fastening and loosening nut and bolts, simple but useful. Just simply fit the nut in between the grooves of the spanner head and start turning clockwise for tightening or counter-clockwise for loosening. The spanner heads come in different sizes and usually have a little angle to the handle (shaft), make the turning operation easier for you.

Double Ring Spanners

Next one to introduce is the double ring spanner, same like the previous spanner but with ring shaped jaws instead. You may find these hand tools as box-end wrenches too. These spanners have internal serration which allow the user to grip onto a nut or bolt completely, making more contact with the fastener than any other spanner. Ever wonder what these internal serrations are called? Our spanners are produced on the basis of different standards for example our ratchet spanners are producing under American standard and the normal ones are under German Din standard. We offer a big range of different sizes for the spanners so that you could find whatever you need.

Combination Spanner

Here we have the mixed of the 2 previous spanners, so-called the Combination Spanner. Having one head as an open-end and the other as a ring spanner. Therefore, these hand tools are popular because if you have one, you won’t be needing to buy two tools and this will save money and also space in your toolbox. Despite the advantage, you will only get one size of the spanner, so if you have many different nuts and bolts, make sure you check out Ronix combination spanner sets to get all in one!

Adjustable Wrench

As mentioned above, wrenches are adjustable spanners. The most common wrench you can find in the market, is the famous Adjustable Wrench (also known by the name of Crescent Wrench). To be more specific, they have a screw mechanism that gives you the possibility to open up the jaws wide enough to grip your certain nut or bolt. You can see a screw at the bottom of the head, make one jaw moveable while the other one is stable. By turning the screw, you can open up the jaws. How to use? It is very important that you know the direction. Clockwise or counter clockwise? This depends on the way the jaws are located; you should never apply the pressure on the movable jaw. Then simply turn the spanner in the same direction that the stable jaw is.

Pipe Wrench

One last wrench to introduce, is the pipe wrench. Pipe wrenches (also known as plumber wrench or monkey wrench) are specifically for threaded pipes and pipe fittings. The serrated teeth on the jaws of this hand tool, will enable you to get a good grip around the softer material of the pipe. Keep in mind that these wrenches are not intended to open hex nuts. So never do that.


Cut like a pro

Cutting tools are one of the first hand tools that our early fathers were able to make. Early humans were often looking for sharp stones to form other stones into a variety of different tools such as arrowheads, spearpoints, and other early equipment by cutting and trimming the excess parts. After many years, cutting has remained one of the most common tasks in the process of making almost anything. From making a delicate wooden hairpiece to building a back-yard garden, hand cutting tools are what you need! And we, the Ronix team, are here to support you with any cutting tool you need through your journey!

How do cutting tools work?

Any cutting tool is made of a wedge-shaped blade to go through a given material and cut it. The blade needs to be hard enough to tolerate the friction between the tool and the material that needs to be cut and yet, extremely sharp to penetrate the surface and successfully trim the extra parts of the material to form it to the desired shape. Here at Ronix, for every cutting application, we have designed a unique tool. Our cutting tools are sorted in various categories based on their function such as cutters, shears and snippers.


A knife is probably the most famous hand cutting tool that there is. A typical knife consists of a blade fixed into a handle. Nowadays, they are an inseparable part of our everyday life. Knives are one of the oldest hand tools used by humans and they have been evolving for the last 4000 years. These tools are used in cutting different types of materials. Some of them are for more delicate materials like paper or fabric, others are for more heavy-duty tasks. Utility knives or knife cutters are a particular kind of cutting tools that Ronix manufactures. The blades in these knife cutters are divided into equal sections and you can replace a dull blade with a sharp one by breaking it off. When you snap off the old blade, a new section is exposed which is sharp and ready to use. Many people might not know that the small part at the end of a knife cutter is more than just a cap! It serves as a snapping device and you can easily break off dull blades with it. Whether you want an easy-to-use cutting tool for outdoors or you are always in need of a sharp blade, our top-quality knife cutters are the perfect tool for you! The grip in Ronix knife cutters are secure to give you a satisfying cutting experience.


The need for connecting two different surfaces to each other in building anything new is undeniable; not to mentions it is also a really old one. From the period that humans started making hand tools, they realized that they had to find something to attach different parts to one another. Many inventions have appeared throughout the history specifically for this purpose; ropes, glues and tapes, and nails. However, the inventions that still stand really useful, are screws and screwdrivers. Compared to some of the hand tools mentioned earlier, screws and screwdrivers are not that old. The first trace of screwdrivers in history is dated back to the 15th century A.D. and they were probably invented in the Europe.

You must have noticed that there are different shapes of screws which you cannot simply screw or unscrew with only one screwdriver. Therefore, screwdrivers are usually categorized in different ways. The most basic way is based on the type of screws that they turn. The most famous ones that every human-being has seen in their lifetime are slotted screwdriver (also known as a flathead screwdriver) which its tip looks like a straight line and Philips screwdriver (or a crosshead screwdriver) which by them, the tip looks like a plus sign.

The screws also come in versatile sizes which naturally calls for different sizes of screwdrivers. Always keep in mind to use the proper screwdriver (both in shape and size) to turn a screw. Using a wrong screwdriver will only result in ruining the screw itself and your screwdriver’s tip!

Another way to categorize these hand tools is by their handles. We at Ronix, offer a wide range of screwdrivers with world-class quality. We have TPR handle screwdrivers and crystal handle screwdrivers. The handles are designed in an ergonomic manner to let you work precisely and tirelessly. Working with screwdrivers on some conditions might be challenging. Maybe you have experienced such challenges and difficulties, especially when you work on a higher level, for example on a ladder. In these situations, sometimes you cannot suitably place the screw in the hole or you might not have a great grip. But fear no more! Ronix screwdrivers with their magnetic tips come to the rescue! The screwdriver’s magnetic tip helps you hold the screw in the right place which makes screwing easier for you! Having a screwdriver is an absolute necessity. Even if you do not own a toolbox, getting a few screwdrivers will definitely help you in your everyday life.


The importance of precise measuring in doing technical tasks is no secret to anyone. No matter what you are trying to build, getting the measurements properly with proper hand tools will make your work extremely easier and will let you get the job done on your first try! Even our ancestors were familiar with the significance of measuring. They used various types of measurements for measuring length, weight and, area. Fun fact, the first method of measuring things was done using different parts of the human body, like the length of an arm, and because of this, getting measurements accurately was a serious challenge. But now, measuring has become much simpler. Ronix produces a wide range of measuring tools to assist you in your projects.

Measuring Tapes

One of our most used hand tools that prove to be useful, are measuring tapes. These tools come in handy in various situations. You can use them to measure the length of anything, from getting the measurements in the new house for decoration purposes to measuring your children’s height to mark it on the wall and document their growth throughout the years.

What are feature of a good measuring tapes?

Whether their cases are made of ABS or metal, Ronix measuring tapes are designed to be durable and sustain rough working environments and shocks such as falling from a higher surface. Always keep in mind that investing in a measuring tape never hurts. Imagine wanting to build a cabinet in your house, you are in the middle of work, surrounded by pieces of wood and lots of nails on the ground and, suddenly, your measuring tape gets stuck. It is frustrating, believe us, we know! This why we at Ronix are committed to producing high-quality tools that do not fail you. The blade (or “tape” itself) is the first determinant in choosing a good measuring tape. A high-quality measuring tape’s blade, like those manufactured by Ronix, needs to stay straight when it comes out of the case. Low-quality blades which tend to bend easily, will not do much for you.

The Design

The metal hook at the end of a blade is called “tang”. This part in these hand tools will help you get accurate measurements in various situations. For example, in taking internal measurements (say inside of a cabinet) you can press the tang against the work piece. Or when getting external measurements, you can place this hook around or behind the objects. In Ronix measuring tapes, the tang is magnetic, which is extremely useful when measuring metal workpieces. The magnetic hook has also a bonus role, with it, you can pick up small metal items like screws or nails from the ground when you are on a ladder! If you have worked with tape measures before, you must have noticed how fast the blade goes into the case when you slightly loosen your fingers. Because of this, our tape measures have lock buttons that allow you to work better and get the precise measurements, especially when you are working solo.

At one point in life, everyone will eventually need to measure the length of something, so it is better to purchase a high-quality tape measure that lasts you for many years to come. Check out our wide range of tape measures here.


Most of the time, we do not realize the significance of a level surface and take it for granted until we come across a not level table or cabinet. Imagine being stuck with an unlevel desk at work! Every time you put a pen on it, it rolls and falls on the ground. Today we owe our simple tools called spirit levels our perfectly horizontal and vertical surfaces.

When choosing a level (whether you want to hang pictures of your loved ones on the wall or need one for your large landscaping projects), you better pay attention to different factors, the first and of course the most important one, is accuracy. These useful tools may seem extremely simple but producing a calibrated one needs a lot of precision. Calibration is key in making a spirit level. Bubble levels produced by Ronix have gone through extensive calibration processes to become as precise as possible. It might surprise you but the length of the level also plays a role in its accuracy. The longer a spirit level is, the more accurate it becomes. Ronix levels are physically designed to endure the harsh condition of construction sites. In the past, the capsules holding the level liquid were made of glass, making them extremely fragile. But with Ronix world-class technology, now the liquid is protected by acrylic solid coated capsules to resist shocks or fractures.

These tools consist of a case with several built-in capsules that are filled (not completely) with liquid. Because of the bubbles in these capsules, some call these tools bubble levels. Ronix levels are the perfect hand tool for those with OCD as with perfect accuracy, they help people make everything straight. Although nowadays laser levels are available everywhere, a lot of people still prefer to work with ordinary ones because it is extremely easy to work with them. Spirit levels are not the first hand tools that come to mind when trying to build a toolbox, but they are one of the most useful ones and having an accurate one around (best if it is a Ronix), will definitely prove its value in the future.


Have you ever needed to keep a piece of material in a specific place and position? Maybe you needed to cut a piece of wood in a certain angle or wanted to glue two parts together and put pressure on them to get the best result. Clamps are used in many industries such as carpentry and welding. Ronix wood clamps are manufactured in different sizes for various applications. These hand tools are made of carbon steel, this is why they are resistant to high levels of force and pressure.

Design and Features

These hand tools have two parts, a fixed jaw and a big screw that moves another jaw (the moveable jaw). With their moveable jaws, clamps can hold work pieces with varied thickness, the screw goes up and down to support different layers of materials. For the best performance, the screw in Ronix clamps are equipped with deep grooves. When work pieces are placed and locked in a clamp, they are under a lot of pressure. This pressure sometimes may cause work pieces to slip. To solve this problem, Ronix wood clamps have rubber pieces on the flat edges of the jaws, so when they are placed on surface of the work piece, they will not glide. Often, the high pressure between the clamps and the surfaces of the work piece can be quite problematic, especially in decorative objects. The anti-slip rubber parts of the clamps also function as a protective layer, as when the jaws meet the surface of the work piece, they do not harm them.


Some hand tools can be found on almost any kind of construction site. They may not seem complicated, but sometimes they do most of the work. And this is why they are essential for any toolbox.

Claw hammers

When visiting a construction site, the first hand tools that you are most likely to spot, are nails and claw hammers. The reason is that these tools are extremely functional and you can find a use for them in almost any project. Nails and hammers are also really old and are dated back to ancient Egypt. Ronix hammers are made of forged and polished steel. The “V” part at the end of a claw hammer is used for extracting nails out of different materials, mostly wood. Although claw hammers look simple, their design is important. Sometimes when you work with these hand tools for a long time, nailing or pulling nails out a work piece, your hand may feel exhausted or painful. This happens when the handle of the claw hammer is not perfectly designed. At Ronix we tirelessly try to make working with tools safe and simple for you. That is why we produce our hammers with an anti-slip grip and ergonomic handles to make the best hammering experience for you.

Machinist Hammers

Unlike claw hammers, machinist hammers are hand tools used more in metal working.This hammer has two ends, a flat one and a wedge-shaped one. While the flat end is used more for applying crude force on a work piece, the wedge-shaped end is ideal for shaping a work piece. Much like Ronix claw hammers, our machinist hammers have anti-slip handles. To ensure the safety of users, the plastic handles are also designed to be anti-sweat.


Axes are one of those iconic objects that have been evolving for many years, both as hand tools and weapons. These tools consist of a really sharp blade and a long handle. The length of the handles help you apply more force on a desired surface, as it acts as a lever. Therefore, in comparison to shorter ones which are designed for more precise tasks, longer handles are better for heavy-duty applications. Nowadays, axes are mostly used in wood working. You can both cut and split blocks of wood with these useful hand tools. The blade in Ronix axes are really sharp. The alloy used to make these blades are the best there is, hence these functional hand tools are great for chopping wood and spending a day outside of the city.