TPR-Handle 6 in 1 Screwdriver Set

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 Different sizes, Philips, slot and extension drive, Cr-V steel rods, changeable TPR non-slip handle, magnetic tip head, oval finger-fit anti-roll handle design, etc.; you name it! Are the features enough for a high-quality must-have screwdriver? Our Ronix TPR-Handle 6 in 1 Screwdriver Set can be used for different purposes at different jobsites. The double-head and extension Cr-V steel bits come in different sizes which facilitate the operations by putting on additional power dealing with heavy-duty fasteners. The magnetic hardened tips ensure strength and durability. As it was mentioned, the bits come in a variety of sizes in tips. The double-head bits are supplied with the following sizes: 1 pc 6.3*65 (PH1*5mm) and 1 pc 8*75 (PH2*6mm). There is another piece of extension bit in the package and all are gathered around the 3-color Ronix TPR handle. Your toolbox is going to be equipped with ergonomic, high-resistant, durable and Ronix-designed Screwdrivers which can assure you of precision, comfort and durability.

Ronix Screwdriver Bit Set-6Pcs RH-2723 with information

Detailed Description

includes 2 Pcs of double-head bits plus one changeable TPR handle which can meet various needs. To ensure strength and durability of all the models of our TPR Screwdrivers, the drive types of their high-resistant hardened tips are both slotted (also known as flat-head or flat-blade) and Philips (or cross-head). These high-resistant slots and Philips drive tips deliver perfect fitting in any screw profiles and ensure strength and durability. Also, the extension bit is magnetic and non-slip for higher efficiency in tough situations. Totally, the magnetic screw-lock system improves accuracy and comfortable secure grip on the bit heads of your RH-2723 6 in 1 Screwdriver Set. It also helps keeping fasteners secure during horizontal and vertical usage. The bits are manufactured from high-quality Cr-V steel which secure high performance in long-term usage.

Whether your jobsite is “oily” and “messy” or you are just looking for enough comfort, we always find the best design for you. The handles are neither hexagonal, nor square. If you hold the unique 3-color TPR handle of a Ronix RH-2723 TPR-Handle 6 in 1 Screwdriver Set, you will truly feel the ergonomic design of it. This ergonomic non-slip, anti-roll handle design with an oval finger-fit shape delivers comfortable grip and a better control while working with these hand tools for long hours. All in all, our “Ronix professional handle design” balances speed and torque in different kinds of fastenings if gripping is what matters more than other specifications in a screw driver for you. Moreover, the hanging hole design handle of RH-2723 is also included for easy storage in different job sites.

-6 in 1 set includes 2 Pcs double-head bits plus one changeable TPR handle which can meet various needs
-The Bits manufactured from high quality CR-V steel which secures high performance in long-term usage
-High resistance hardened tip ensures strength and durability
-Chrome plated surface for high resistance & rust prevention 
-Unique Ergonomic 3-color TPR Ronix design handle for comfortable grip and better control
-Magnetic tip head which improves accuracy and ensures comfortable secure grip 
-Ronix professional TPR handle design balances speed and torque in different kinds of fastening
-The extension bit is magnetic and non- slip for higher efficiency in tough situations
-Hanging hole design Handle for easy storage in different job sites


Set Type
6 in 1
Tip Material
Hardened CR-V
Handle Material
3-color TPR
Double Head Bits: 1 pc 6.3*65(PH1*5mm) 1pc 8*75(PH2*6mm) 1Pc Extension Bit 3-Color Ronix TPR handle


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