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Tool Steel? S2 vs Chromium Vanadium Steel

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    Hello there, I’m looking for bit drivers for security/tamper resistance bolts. There are low-cost sets and higher-priced sets. Naturally, size and naming complicate pricing.

    Any of the better brands specifically refer to materials as “Chromium Vanadium Steel” or “S2.” I assume S2 is highly precise, but much of this is dependent on how and whether they are tempered. Is there a strong preference for the products that bit drivers can be made of? S2 has a high impact resistance, as far as what I’ve seen. Yet, S2 is a more expensive material than other alloys that might function similarly.

    I’m just trying to give utilitarian importance to the kind of metal used without understanding how they tempered this steel to achieve this type of property.

    Thank you for the input!

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