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Niko joined Ronix in 2009. Since then, he has been in charge of the Communication & Branding Department. He is known as “A perfectionist who always sets excessively high-performance standards and refuses to accept any standard short of perfection through removing all the obstacles that prevent him from achieving his goals”. His main role in Ronix has been extending the brand and optimizing it. He has devoted all his time and energy to develop the communication strategies as it is critical for the company’s growth. Branding, that is, informing the people around the world of Ronix’s products and services is one of his primary objectives. Branding activities in Ronix, under his leadership, consist of many activities such as package designing, tools-related video productions, catalog designing, and digital content development in various languages, etc. His success in introducing Ronix and its high-quality to the world and presenting its innovations and ideas to the tool branding industry has been significant.

Since every good team needs a professional leader, he has taken his many years of experience into action to gather talented people who can help him make his ambitious dreams come true. After working for many years with some of the best brands and taking management and PR courses, he set the right goals, and used accurate means to reach them.


Born in 1977, Niko is married and has two children. Since he had a good power of imagination, and always desired to recreate all the patterns and images he had developed in his mind, he majored in graphic designing at university

As soon as he graduated from university, H.R. Niko was determined to earn more practical knowledge by getting a job where he could prove his capabilities.

The importance of content monitoring to discover the effectiveness of the policies adopted by Ronix has been vital because the way to enter international markets, which is the focal point of Ronix International’s target, is the attention to the important link created in the content production plant, including production, dissemination, effectiveness measurement, etc.

The reason for this is to compete with the world-famous brands with high technical and content capability and a powerful history of these companies. Hence, he has made a lot of effort to cause a revolutionary development in the Communication & Branding Department.


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 Head of Communication & Branding Department, Ronix

Basic Information 

Ronix is a leading international brand in Tools and Machines. The company has been active in the tools industry since 2005. Throughout all these years, the company has made a lot of efforts to find its rightful place among the other famous brands all over the world.

Ronix International Tools Company provides a combination of Reasonable Price, High Quality, and unique After-Sales Service to all the craftsmen and users of such tools. Ronix products have put the company in its rightful place among all the tools manufacturers in 11 other countries worldwide.

This leading factor has been achieved through applying modern technology, detailed scientific studies, and paying attention to all principled and creative ideas. Besides, precise technical supervision and control, which is continuously performed by the Ronix quality control team’s experts in all stages of production, has led to the quality continuity in Ronix products. All the tools in Ronix product creation team are designed based on all ergonomic factors, interests, limitations, physical and mental abilities of users and are produced and supplied continuously.

Today, Ronix, with manufacturing more than 2000 various items, is one of the brands with the most diverse tools and technical devices in international markets in this industry. Such diversity in products is only one of the strengths of Ronix since a large group of users, including manual workers, carpenters, technicians, mechanics, electricians, etc., even all homeowners who may need a simple tool, can enjoy the impressive functionality of Ronix products.

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