International Communications Department

Ronix Tools company is a global supplier of tools.  As an international company, we have constant interaction with customers and potential customers, employees, authorities, investors, the media and the general public, etc.; as easy as it is to communicate with people one-on-one, keeping communication in this scale of work requires adjusting a well-organized department of international communication.

This department’s job is all about how Ronix interacts with its various stakeholders. We know that for us, to keep on top of our industry, we need to communicate with people efficiently and this is the key to building a strong company culture and a PR image to the audience.

It is one of the prominent tasks of the international communication department at Ronix to develop and work on the brand and its image. Optimizing the existing portrayal of the company is achieved when the customer is the main thing in the mind. Customers’ needs, interests, culture, background, etc.; are all considered when the team targets for expansion of the brand audience. Diversity in customers means diversity of expectations; therefore, requires an individually planned approach. International Communication team members devote their time to setting strategies for Ronix so the company would have a greater and more sufficient exposure to its audience. They are the ones who should be familiarized with company’s products and the services it gives.

Ronix International Communication Department manages all the communications with the customers throughout the world.

Presenting the company’s image in the best appropriate manner via media is under the direction of the International Communication team.  This is an extremely sensitive job and attention must be paid to every little detail while accomplishing any tasks, since it is done in different countries globally.  To run ad campaigns and cover the customers in each country, it’s necessary to consider the cultural differences in addition to noting the market needs. Following all the steps with careful considerations leads to invaluable brand awareness.

To run a successful business, it is also needed for the company to have control over the ad agencies working within different parts of the world. This was made possible for Ronix through its International Communication team.

To create visual content for the company products is also one of the jobs done at this department. As a picture speaks a thousand words, the importance

of creating visual content is of extreme value.  For content production, both marketing and creative strategy must be kept in mind. What to capture and how to do it is analyzed by great consideration of what is desired for. Planning strategies in detail is an extreme crucial part of the process as each piece of content has a monetary value.

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