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History of using tools by humans goes back to almost 3 million years ago and since then they have developed and improved to make our lives much easier for us! When we say tool, we are referring to wide range of devices and apparatuses with many functions. Nearly every task, operation or application has its own special tool which is supposed to make that task possible for us. To pick the right tool for the right job we need to know more about them. Some people have their own tool collection at home while some others have more sophisticated ones at their workshops. But how to pick and buy tools?

It’s easy to buy tools only when you have enough information about them and know how they work or operate. To do so keep reading through this article to educate yourself about tools and what to consider when purchasing different ones. Ronix has its own tool collection with more than 3000 types of tools in it.

Tools are categorized in 4 wide groups of power toolsair tools, hand tools and cordless tools. These groups are then can be divided into so many smaller subcategories but don’t worry you just need to know some specifications and qualifications of main groups and that should be enough to make a smart purchase when you want to buy tools.
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  • First and the biggest group are power tools. Power tools are those which are actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labor used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors. Some of main power tools are impact drills, rotary hammers, electric sanders and polishers, jigsaws, cut of saws, angle grinders and so many others. Ronix  has always been innovative in case of power tools production and has always tried to look after its beloved costumers by compact designs. When you are about to buy tools, especially power ones you might need to pay attention to some specifications. All the power tools are powered by electricity so the most important specification you might look for is the power. Higher the power stronger the tool. unit of measurement is watt in this case and its as easy as this to see the number on the tool, higher the number more power you get. Some other units like joule (J) might be there as well in case of different tools like rotary hammers. Another aspect to keep in mind when buying a power tool is the body. Power tools are often heavy and hard to handle that’s why, Ronix designs are always ergonomic and handy. Most of our products are covered with soft rubber to avoid wrist injury and hand fatigue.
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  • The second group are air tools. Air tools (also known as pneumatic tools) are referred to those tools which are driven by compressed air rather than mechanical force. They could also be used by carbon dioxide capsules for portability. Now a days Air Tools are used in nearly all major industries such as mining, construction and reconstruction, remodeling, road and highway construction, smelting, wood industries, mechanized assembling lines etc. due to this wide range of jobs there are thousands of pneumatic tools in the market in different sizes and shapes. The most common pneumatic tools are different types of impact wrenches, impact drills, drill drivers, air staplers, air cutting tools, air sanders and polishers, air hammers, air ratchets and so many others. To buy tools in this category you need to know all the air tools need an air compressor as a base so as long as you choose your compressor wisely you don’t need to worry about anything. These air compressors almost share same air pressure amount which is 6-8BAR. Ronix has a collection of different air compressor in various sizes to fulfill every task. To get more info check out our RC models such as RC-8010 or RC-8025. Worth to mention that all air tools need special maintenance which is lubricating moving component and protecting the tool from moisture and dust. In order to do so our company have always come up with smart water and dust proof designs and technologies.
  • The next group are hand tools. Hand tools are any tools that are powered by hand rather than a motor. the verity of hand tools is just unbelievable. Ronix company has different types of hand tools like general hand tools, woodworking hand tools, cutting hand tools, pliers, wrenches, spanners and so many other. Since there is no electric motor to buy tools in this category you just need to make sure that are made out of high-quality raw material and strongly engineered alloys. Problem is not just to buy tools but to use them properly in right tasks. Many users complain about their tools being broken or not working well and that just because many amateur users don’t know how to use them properly. For example, it happens a lot to see someone is cutting wire with a normal plier which cause damage to the sides and bring ineffectiveness to the tool or someone using a heavy plier as a hammer to put a nail in the wall which is just wrong and unprofessional.
  • To buy tools in cordless category you need to pay attention to some special features. The heart of these tools are their batteries and as soon as you choose those with powerful batteries you are half way there. Ronix Company has always been few steps ahead of its competitors in this expanding market when it comes to cordless tools and that’s because we use high-quality lithium Samsung batteries in most of our products. Another important feature to keep in mind when you are about to buy tools like this is the ergonomic body and design. You are going yo use a cordless drill driver a lot and might need to keep them in long working hours. So, the design of the body and the handle must be appropriate in order to avoid hand fatigue.

 Don’t hesitate to review this text and go through Ronix tools website if you are about to buy tools of any kind.

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I am an Indian mechanical engineer and I live in Mumbai. I love making innovative mechanical and electrical devices in my free time. One of my close friends (pera petal) has started working with me in my workshop and I’m trying to teach my skills to him and whoever interested.

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