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Safe use of hand tools

Safety Precautions You Need to Take While Working with Hand Tools

Many of us keep a lot of tools in our workshops, homes and cars. From small and large hand tools to portable power tools that a craftsman or an amateur operator spends most of its day with. By observing Safe use of hand tools ,Injuries and damage to the device are greatly reduced. Therefore, enough knowledge of the tool and its correct use can reduce a large part of these injuries. Certainly, the loss of fingers or eyes is not an injury that can be easily remedied. By following these small tips, you can stop these accidents to happen

Safe use of hand tools

General Tips

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is a set of safety equipment that increases the safety and protection of the body when using tools or in the workplace. Safety goggles, safety gloves, earplugs, safety clothing, knee braces, safety shoes, helmets, masks, etc. can be called the most common safety equipment in the workplace.

Safe use of hand tools

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Use special (industrial) gloves to take care of your hands while working with hand tools. It is clear that there are special gloves for each job. Certainly, welding gloves are different from paint gloves or anti-cut gloves. Of course, in carpentry , the use of gloves often reduces the amount of control over the work, and in the usual injuries to the fingers in carpentry, gloves do not play a special role in protection.



Wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes from wood chips is one of the other safety precautions that you have to take. The eye is one of the most important parts of the body and it is impossible to injure it in many workshop accidents. Personally, I am ready to lose ten fingers of my hand, but I have healthy eyes! while there is a possibility of falling heavy objects or the possibility of head collisions with hard objects, be sure to use a helmet.


Safety Shoes

Safety shoes in the workplace have no other substitution! Especially in carpentry workshops or installation projects, the need to use it is strongly felt. Sinking a nail or a punch in the foot is a bitter experience that many of us have touched!

Belt and Hooks

Another safety issue might be working at height. when working at heights and scaffolding, be sure to use belts, hooks and safety harnesses. In cases where you need to move on the scaffolding, the use of belts equipped with two hooks is recommended.

Pliers Tools Safety

The pliers are designed for cutting and are not designed as a replacement for wrenches. Pliers are also used to catch bolts and nuts when tightening, which can cause the bolts to wear and make it difficult to use a wrench to fasten them. Wearing safety goggles will prevent the wires from being thrown into your eyes, which can cause injuries.

Pliers Tools Safety

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Hammers Safety

come in a variety of sizes and shapes for different purposes. You need to take care while working with this hand tool because it is really sharp! In general, never use one hammer to strike another hammer. During the hammering operation, the hammer should be lowered vertically and hit the desired plate. Handles should never be painted and hammers should always be checked daily.

Screw Drivers Safety

It is one of the most widely used hand tools. One of the unsafe practices in working with a screwdriver is the use of a screwdriver to pierce, create an edge or use it as a punch bar.

If a screwdriver is used for the above tasks, these tools have the potential to injure the person. In addition, using this tool with a broken handle, bent blade and slow or twisted tip, may cause the screwdriver to go and injure the hand.

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Be Careful in the Workplace

Working alone can be a problem for you. It is very important to keep your work environment safe when using saws, power drills, hand hammers and so on.In addition by Safe use of hand tools, the user is also responsible for the safety of other people in the workplace.

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