Ronix 2210C Impact Drill

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ronix 2210C-Impact-Drill

In professional cooking videos, have you ever noticed how smoothly the knives cut? If you have ever seen a professional chef knife from close, you can see and feel the difference completely. You unconsciously admire the knife because it is designed and produced for a professional user. The same thing goes for professional power tools. These tools are specifically designed for the specific needs of professionals. With the help of its development experts and research team, Ronix aims to provide the best and the most professional tools for its users so that they are able to get the most out of the hours they put in their work and truly enjoy working.

Ronix produces a wide range of power tools, but one of the most used power tools that Ronix offers is drills. Because of their versatility and vast usages, drills are extremely popular among different industries. They can be used on construction sites, in metalworking, woodworking and many other industries. Because the demand for buying them is high, there are a lot of different options available for those who want to purchase one. In this article, Ronix wants to introduce one of its most useful and strong power tools, the Ronix 2210C Impact Drill.

What is so glamorous about the Ronix 2210C Impact Drill?

The research and development team of Ronix tries to come up with the most useful tools for the professional users. To achieve that goal, they constantly observe the performance of Ronix products and try tirelessly to bring the most useful features to the tools. The two ball bearings system in the shaft of the Ronix 2210C Impact Drill is the result of their endeavors. This amazing feature improves the life time of the power tool which is of great importance since professionals usually have heavy-duty tasks and constantly operate their power tools. Therefore, the durability of their tools is a key factor for them.

How does 2210C perform in terms of power?

The Ronix 2210C Impact Drill has a highly resistant motor with an 810W of power. This motor is manufactured industrially to be able to handle overload operations. This high power motor can generate a no-load speed of 0 to 3000 in RPM. In addition, it can deliver a maximum impact rate of 4800 BPM. The 810W power is transferred to a strong and full metal chuck with 13mm in capacity.

This chuck is designed to be keyed to provide maximum security of the bit. This drill has the ability to make holes that have a 25mm diameter at max. The drilling capacity becomes 13mm both in concrete and steel.

A body to handle the heavy-duty

The inner parts of the Ronix 2210C Impact Drill are designed to suit heavy-duty applications and it is only logical to assume that its body is designed in the same manner. The 2210C drill has an ergonomic body which is light-weight compared to other industrial impact drills at its level.

This is why working with it for long hours does not cause a lot of fatigue. Additionally, the materials used in the body are high-quality to withstand heavy-duty applications. With their numerous experiences with professional users, the experts, engineers and designer of R&D department of Ronix realized that attaching an auxiliary handle to this drill, improves maneuverability and control.

This is why the Ronix 2210C Impact Drill comes with an exclusively designed Ronix auxiliary handle. This handle is produced according to ergonomic principles and the users can position it at any angle they want to have a better working experience. There is also a bit storing space in this handle to provide more convenience during operation.

All in all, the Ronix 2210C Impact Drill is an outstanding power tool that can benefit a wide range of professionals across various industries.

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1 November 2020

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