How friendlier have people become with tools these days?

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Human beings have always needed to create tools in order to help them facilitate their life. In ancient times they would use tools, as an essential part of their life, for hunting, planting seeds, cutting and etc. Nowadays, tools not only play a key role in people’s daily life, but also have been converted to an inseparable friend of people of different classes, including the professional and non-professional users. However, the question which is planted here is that how friendlier have people become with tools these days? In this article we will answer this question analyzing the reasons.


DIY Users Have Increased in Recent Years

Nowadays most of the people prefer to know more about DIY (Do it yourself) skills instead of asking help from an expert or a technician, and consequently learn how to work with different types of tools and their applications.  Furthermore, in the recent years the popularity of DIY activities has incremented mainly due to the growing popularity of social media and the increase of exchanging data such as informative and educational videos, photos and etc. posted online. Thus, many people want to try doing things on their own and learn more about tools for several reasons such as:

Saving Money

One of the most obvious and important reasons why people prefer DIY activities is saving money. They often underestimate just how much they can save. Besides saving money on labor and markups with contractors and repairman, often cheap fixes on a number of household items prevent them from having to be replaced.

Sense of Achievement

Apart from saving money, sense of achievement and accomplishment is considered to be the best reason ever to do things people themselves. In other words, being able to stand back and admire your work gives you such a buzz. It is astonishing just how much is possible if you take your time and learn new skills.

It’s better for the environment

Although it seems a little strange, when people can fix something without having to throw it away and build a new one, they are saving space at the dump and saving the resources required to make a new one.

Apart from that, most DIY tutorials make use of stuff that you already have at home, which means you don’t necessarily have to splurge or spend too much for that make up organizer that you want to make. You can use what you already have, or what’s even better, you can upcycle your stuff to make them look like brand new or just give them a fresh new look. In other words, DIY encourages you to recycle and upcycle stuff, which eventually makes you appreciate the practical side of life.

Relieves Stress

Most people who work on their gardens or crafts tend to use this time to relax and unwind. By giving in to your hobbies and interests, you feel relaxed and less anxious about things. Your time spent doing something you like, be it gardening, or crafting, gives you a sense of satisfaction and even happiness.

Indeed, simple things bring so much pleasure. Just think of how good it feels to finish that DIY bookshelf you have been putting on hold for a while, or finally putting together DIY decors for your living room, or even creating that homemade scrub you have been dying to try.

woodworking tools
Man working with a wood. Carpenter in a white shirt

Awakens Creativity

Giving yourself time to focus on something through a practical activity is a good exercise for the brain because it allows you to come up with new ideas, and bring out your creative streak. So, DIY activities and projects basically inspire people to become more creative.

All these reasons can prove the popularity of DIY activities in the contemporary years which means people have become so much friendlier with different kinds of tools including gardening tools, woodworking tools, electric tools, manual tools and etc. in comparison to the past, since over the past years people usually used to ask a repairman or a technician to help them, but today they can manage on their own without having any problem thanks to the global network.

Coronavirus Outbreak and Popularity of Tools

When something unexpected such as a pandemic breaks out, people have to do what they need themselves. For instance, as the COVID-19 crisis broke out in 2020, people were banned from going out and had to do many activities on their own due to distancing measures imposed by countries all over the world.


According to as the coronavirus outbreak is forcing many governments worldwide to impose lockdowns and citizens are advised to practice social distancing and stay home, DIY activities have seen a surge with individuals in the United Kingdom. Between March 9-15, 2020, online sales of home improvement and gardening retail products and tools grew almost by 50 percent compared to the same period the year before.

In addition, in 2017, the value of the global household and DIY hand tools market amounted to about 8.56 billion U.S. dollars. The value of the global household and DIY hand tools market is expected to rise to 11.28 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

To sum up, according to the reasons mentioned above we can affirm that during the recent years using different kinds of tools is more popular with different people who love to learn more about tools and their uses, since for doing DIY activities they have to be able to work with tools.

Apart from that, not all the people around the world can always access an expert to solve their technical problems, so that it is necessary to know how to work with tools, and that´s the point which most of the people firmly approve. As a result, we can undoubtedly conclude that people have become so much friendlier with tools and eager to know more about them in recent years.

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