Best Chinese Tools for Jewelry-Making Projects

Best Chinese Tools for Jewelry-Making Projects


2 June 2021

Knowing what supplies you’ll need to get started with a new hobby like making jewelry is one of the most challenging points of learning a new craft. Wire cutters and a variety of pliers are useful tools to have on hand while stringing beads, bead weaving, or doing wirework.

Here, we introduce some cheap and useful Chinese tools suitable for jewelry making. Take a look at this blog to find more about the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects.

The majority of the following Chinese tools may be found at craft stores, hardware stores and online retailers like or However, before you spend money on your new hobby, consider whether each tool is truly necessary or not.

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A List of Best Chinese Tools for Jewelry-Making Projects

✅ Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are essential tools in every jewelry maker’s toolkit. Headpins, eye pins, and stringing wire can all be cut using these. However, at least one of these tools is in every house’s tool box, so you may not need to buy one.

Before youintend to buy a pair, check the garage or shed to see whether your spouse, father or another family member has one laying around.

Ronix RH-1266 Wire Cutter is considered one of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects sinceit’s made of premium quality, drop-forged and high-resistance durable steel with ergonomically designed TPR handles.

Another reason for being known as one of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects is that theprecision-machined jaws are specifically developed to increase the secure cutting power and guarantee maximum control (because of their direct contact with the workpiece). Visit to find more about this tool.

Wire Cutters

✅ Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers are normally not found in Dad’s toolbox because they are exclusively used for jewelry making. Simple loops and other rounded wire pieces are easy to make with round edges.

Round nose pliers have tapered jaws that allow you to place your wire along the jaw to achieve the exact size loop you want.

Place your wire closer to the handles for a larger loop, and closer to the tip for a smaller loop. Mark the pliers with a permanent marker to produce loops of the same size for a specific project.

This ensures that your wire is placed in the same spot every time. Simply wipe the pliers with alcohol to eliminate the mark once you’re finished.

One of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects is the CA-0406Round Nose Plier. CA-0406 round nose plier is a German type plier commonly used in general telecommunications engineering, and it’s one of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects. Wire bending and precise assembly are both done with this tool. More information about this product is available on

Round Nose Pliers

✅ Chain Nose Pliers

You might be tricked into thinking you’re using chain-nose pliers when you’re actually using needle-nose pliers. In some cases, they may even be enough.

The flat-jawed chain nose pliers, on the other hand, have a flat surface (as opposed to the serrated surface of the needle nose), which is ideal for holding jewelry wire without leaving marks or ridges.

Chain nose pliers feature shorter jaws than needle nose pliers, which makes them simpler to work with. Because chain nose pliers taper towards the tip and can be readily pushed into narrow areas, they may be used to open and close jump rings.

Ronix RH-1366 Chain Nose Plier is made of hardened and tempered drop-forged steel, and its TPR handles make this plier ideal for bending, shaping, and cutting wires; therefore, this tool is considered one of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects. can provide you with more information about this tool.

Electricians, network engineers, jewelry makers, and anybody else who has to cut and bend wires, cables, or metalworks can benefit greatly from this hand tool.

Chain Nose Pliers

✅ Flat Nose Pliers

The non-tapered tip and wide surface area of flat nose pliers make it simpler to hold jewelry wire.

If you don’t want to buy this item, you’ll still need two sets of pliers: one to form the wire and the other to hold the other end while manipulating it. This can be accomplished using two sets of flat-nose pliers or a pair of chain-nose pliers and a pair of flat-nose pliers.

TEKTON Mini Flat Nose Pliers are among the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects sinceit provides extra control and leverage for pulling, positioning, or bending.

The straight, 90-degree edges on the sides and tip of this TEKTON-branded flat nose plier let you start bending wires precisely and make clean corners. provides you with relevant information about this tool.

Flat Nose Pliers

✅ Crimping Tools

On projects where the wire appears in between beaded segments, some jewelry makers employ flat nose or chain nose pliers to hammer a crimp bead into position. However, smashing the metal creates an unattractive sharp edge that can cut the skin surface; therefore, this is not recommended.

The crimping tool, also known as crimping pliers, is a pair of pliers with unique notches in the jaws used to flatten and round a crimp bead onto the wire. You can crimp with one notch and then shape the bead into a circle using a larger notch towards the end of the pliers. You can also use this tool to finish the job by securing a clasp.

SPEEDWOX 4 Inches Diagonal wire and bead crimper is also considered one of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects becauseit’s made of high-strength chrome vanadium steel, which is drop-forged to have longer durability.

SPEEDWOX 4 Inches Diagonal wire and bead crimper has bi-color TPR handles to fight hand slipping and it provides users with a comfortable grip. Check to find more about this handy and high-quality tool.

Due to the reasons above, SPEEDWOX 4 Inches Diagonal wire and bead crimper is known to be one of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects.

Crimping Tools


1. How can I start making jewelry?
Firstly, choose the type of jewelry you are interested in and then purchase the right tools.

2. Is jewelry making profitable?
Yes. Jewelry-making is profitable; you can easily make jewelry at home with Ronix-branded jewelry-making tools.

3. What tools are necessary for making jewelry?
Wire cutters, chain nose, long nose and flat nose pliers and wire crimpers are the basic jewelry-making tools.


Finally, I tried to mention the most important and also basic jewelry-making tools in this blog. Whether you are an amateur or professional jewelry-maker, these tools are must-haves for you. Also, I introduced some of the best Chinese tools for jewelry-making projects.  

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