Hanging a picture frame on the wall, assembling a play house for your child and setting up new book shelves for the living room; can you guess what all these activities have in common? Drilling a hole is the common task in all the activities mentioned earlier. A family picture is not a sign of the love shared between a family until it is framed and hung on the wall. The play house will not provide years of happiness for your child and becomes a safe place for him or her to play in, until it is assembled. Those new book shelves will not be a cozy home to amazing books until they are set up and secured on the living room’s walls. Sometimes, all it takes to give meaning to things is simply drilling. We at Ronix know the significance of drilling, this is why we are committed to manufacturing world-class and high-quality drills. Drilling plays an important role in our everyday life. Nowadays, you can find a drilled hole in almost everything that is being built. The use of drilling is not limited to these modern times; drilling is actually a really old activity. The earliest drills were sharp stones that early humans used to make holes in different materials with the rotary motion of their hands. It is interesting to know that our modern drills operate the same as those in the historical times; a motor generates power to move a bit in order to make a hole in a given material. In the ancient versions, the early humans’ hands functioned as the motor and the sharp stones were the bits.

But nowadays, drills can be powered by electricity, air and, etc. The bits have also evolved a lot. Now we have drill bits for numerous materials. With its state-of-the-art technology, Ronix produces drills that are powered with different forces and various bits to cover its costumers’ various needs. Drilling can be the starting point or the finishing touch in the process of building something. This is why we produce a wide range of drills for various functions. From extremely heavy-duty rotary hammer drills to cordless screwdrivers for tightening or loosening screws, Ronix drills are ready to help you drill through the limits! To provide you with the best working experience, we try to improve our products constantly. New features like built-in lights or anti-dust operating keys are some of the improvements that Ronix has added to its drills throughout the years. Imagine you are in the middle of a redecoration project, surrounded by several wood boards and numerous screws, sweating a lot and trying hard to finish the job on time. And all of a sudden, your drill stops working and leaves you alone to deal with the unfinished. People are usually looking to buy tools that lasts them a life time. And by nature, humans wish to have and use a tool that makes their jobs easier. They do not want something that constantly breaks in the middle of work. And lastly, nobody wants to throw away the tools they paid a lot for, because they stop working after a year or two. This is why Ronix offers a wide range of top-quality drills that will fulfil your drilling needs for many years to come. Ronix tools are the last tools you buy.




To put it simply, a drill consists of a motor that rotates the drill bit. All drills, from the simplest hand drills to more complicated impact drills, need a source of power. This power can come from an electric power socket, a battery or the hands of a person, in case of a hand drill. Because of how available the electricity is nowadays; most modern drills are powered by electricity. Motor is the most important part of a drill, just like any other power tool. It plays a significant role in the power and the speed of the drill. Therefore, the power and speed of a drill’s motor shows what tasks you can do with it. The power of the motor is determined by the ‘watt’ unit. A higher number of watts means a stronger motor. Ronix manufactures drills with different powers so that you can pick a drill that it is best for you! In some drills, motors are simple, however, more advanced drills that can operate with two or more different speeds, have special gear boxes. In these models you can switch gears and adjust the torque and the speed of the drill. The speed and the torque in a drill have an inverse relationship, meaning a higher speed results in less torque and a higher torque, provides you with lower speed. This feature is especially practical in drill-drivers since the speed needed for screwing is different from drilling. Besides rotary motion, some drills are equipped with hammering motion which is useful when you are working with harder workpieces. The hammering motion, allows you to drill holes in concrete walls easier.


A drill chuck is a special clamp that is used for holding the rotating bit; because of this, sometimes it is called the bit holder. In drills, chucks usually have several jaws to secure the bit. In some models, you need a chuck key to loosen or tighten the chuck, these are called keyed chucks. In other models however, you are needless of a key and can easily loosen or tighten the chuck by your hands, these are called keyless chucks. Almost all the cordless drills are equipped with keyless chucks. Although working with keyless chucks are more preferred because of their easiness, keyed chucks provide more security especially for heavier applications. Ronix offers both keyed and keyless chucks to suit a range of different applications.

Drill Bits

Power Bits

The part that actually does the drilling is called the drill bit. Drill bits come in various shapes and sizes. They are also produced with especial materials to go through various workpieces like wood, metal, concrete and, etc. For screwing, there are specific bits called power bits. Ronix power bits usually come in a collection to cover all your screwing needs, from the simple flathead and crosshead power bits to especially designed torx and hex bits.

Corded Drills

As it is obvious from the name, corded drills are drills that are powered by the electricity and they need a cord or cable to get to an electricity socket. The first models of these drills are from more than 135 years ago and date back to 1885. Although the invention of these drills was a huge step for power tools, these early models could not be held by one person’s hands and you were not able to operate them by yourself. The first hand-held and portable electric drills were invented approximately 20 years after. Have you ever noticed why the shape of our modern corded drills is a lot like a handgun? Fun fact, the inventors of the first portable drills were experimenting with different designs to find the suitable shape for their drill. There was a gun shop near them and one day when they were passing the street, they noticed how ergonomic and convenient the shape of a pistole is. So, they took the grip and trigger of a handgun and modified it for an electric drill. What is extremely useful in corded electric drills is that they provide power at a constant rate and will not lose their power halfway through a project. But if you want to buy a corded drill or already have one, always look out for the cord, as they are a potential tripping hazard. There are basically two types of corded drills, electric drills and impact drills. In the following we are going to learn more about them.

Electric Drills

You close the door; take the nearest box around you and sit on it. The movers have just taken off with their trailer and left you alone in the empty apartment with all the boxes and packages that need to be opened and installed in the right place. As you sit there exhausted and in silence, you might wonder how are you going to handle this all by yourself? If you have ever experienced moving from an apartment to another one, you are familiar with the feeling. When you think about the how much work you have to put into this apartment to prepare it for living, you become overwhelmed. Although the amount of work that needs to be done might seem a lot, there is a great tool that can make working a lot easier and more enjoyable for you. And that tool is an electric drill! Whether you want to assemble that new bed you ordered online or drill a hole in the wall to hang the pictures of your beloved ones on the wall, an electric drill is definitely your friend! We at Ronix are producing a variety of electric drills for different applications. Ronix drills are categorized by the biggest bits that their chucks are able to hold. Keep in mind that this diameter is specific for bits that drill metal. For example, our 2110 10 mm electric drill can hold bits that drill metal which are up to 10 mm in diameter. This drill has a powerful 400-watt motor. With its light-weight and compact design, the Ronix 2110 is the perfect corded electric drill for drilling metal or wood.

Impact Drills

There are materials that you cannot simply drill a hole in with a regular electric drill. This is why Ronix has designed and produced impact drills. These practical drills have a hammering motion that is used to drill holes on harder and thicker workpieces. Besides the rotary motion, with this feature, an impact drill has the ability to put vertical force on the workpiece to ease the process of drilling. Depending on the task, you can turn on or off the hammering motion. Impact drills are extremely handy on construction sites as they enable us to drill through though materials such as concrete or hard bricks. Ronix 2210 is a 13 mm impact drill that has an 810-watt electric motor. This power tool is equipped with anti-dust ball bearings to ensure the durability of the drill. Despite its power, Ronix 2210 is really light and its weight is only 2 kilograms. The Ronix team ergonomically designed this drill and added a side handle that can rotate 360 degrees to provide the best performance for its users. Nowadays you can find lots of applications for a corded drill. They are useful both in households and on construction sites. For this reason and to cover every need of the users, Ronix manufactures corded drills in various shapes, sizes and powers.


The invention of power tools made us stronger and took us to the next level. However, we can use this extra strength as long as we are near a power source. These tools have empowered us, but they also have limited us to the length of our tools’ cords. To provide us with more freedom, cordless tools have been invented. Instead of depending on a source of electricity and a cord, cordless tools are able to operate with batteries. Cordless tools’ batteries come in a variety of types and power capacities. Typically, batteries used in cordless tools can be categorized in three types, Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Nickel Cadmium batteries are the oldest batteries among the three types, but still popular. The Ni-Cd batteries can resist really high and low temperatures. Because of this, they are the primary choice for those working in extremely hot or cold sites. Additionally, they are inexpensive in comparison to other types. Their greatest con is that they are heavy which can cause problems in the long run. The Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are the next generation of Nickel Cadmium batteries. With a newer technology, they offer better performance. NiMH batteries are also different from the Ni-Cd batteries in being sensitive to hot or cold environments and extreme temperatures impact their performance and lifespan.

Additionally, the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries need maintenance and taking care of. But if you charge of discharge them properly, they are durable.The last and the newest type of batteries are the Lithium Ion batteries. They have changed the tool industry completely because of their light weight. This is why tools that use Li-Ion batteries are the best choice for those who work long hours with cordless drills. They have a higher power capacity compared to other types. The ability of fast charging is also a plus for Li-Ion batteries. Now that we have talked about the different types of batteries, let’s look at other features. One of the most important factors that determines how strong a battery can operate, is the voltage number. A higher voltage (V) number results in a more powerful battery, but it also causes the battery to become heavier. Another factor that plays a role in a battery’s power, is the amp-hour or Ah. The Ah shows how many hours you can work with a drill before the battery dies. Just like the voltage, a higher Ah number equals more run time and a heavier battery. Now that we discussed the features of a cordless drill battery, it is time to get to know different types of cordless drills.

Cordless Drill / Drivers

The first stop is cordless drill-drivers which are the most common type among cordless drills. As the name shows, you can use these tools both as a drill and as a screwdriver. In order to switch from drilling to screwing, you just need to change the drill bit with a power bit. Because of how practical cordless drill-drivers are, Ronix has dedicated a separate line to producing them. With its anti-shock and water-resistant motor, the Ronix 8612 is a popular model among Ronix cordless drill drivers.

Cordless Impact Drills

Cordless drills are usually manufactured in compact and small sizes, but you should not let that small size fool you! Cordless impact drills are designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. With their hammering function, they can drill through thick walls. The Ronix 8618 is a very practical cordless impact drill. With its fast-charging Samsung battery, this cordless tool will not let you down! It is also equipped with an LED light for better performance in low-light places.

Cordless Drill Kits

A drill is completely useless if you do not have a drill bit to start making holes. On a construction site, you might want to drill different workpieces made of different materials. And every material, requires a specific drill bit designed to make holes in that material. For this reason, Ronix has manufactured some of its cordless drills with a special kit. These kits contain many drill bits and power bits in various shapes and sizes to support a wide range of activities. The Ronix 8616K is a strong drill with a kit that contains more than 100 drill bits for drilling through various materials and power bits for tightening or loosening screws with various shapes and sizes.

Cordless Screwdrivers

For many applications, you do not need a really powerful drill. For example, if all you do with a cordless drill is screwing, it is better to switch to a cordless screwdriver. The first reason is that cordless screwdrivers are a lot lighter than cordless drill drivers. This less weight can be really important for those who work long hours screwing because this lightness will reduce the risk of hand injury in the long run. Secondly, because they do not require larger motors, their design is more compact and they fit better in the users’ hands. And lastly, they cost less! Ronix 8536 is a foldable cordless screwdriver with 117 different power bits. With this light-weight cordless tool, you can access those unreachable corners of your electronic devices and start screwing! Just like other drills, Ronix manufactures cordless drill-drivers in various powers to suit specific applications

Pneumatic Drills

Air drills are drills that are powered by pneumatic forces. These drills are usually attached to an air compressor which converts power (from electricity or gasoline) to potential energy. As the name indicates, the compressor compress air to create more and more pressure in the tank. Then through a hose, the high-pressure air is released for drilling. Air drills have some really good advantages compared to electric drills. Firstly, they are lighter, therefore, they are perfect for working at heights. They are also more immune to wear and tear and it normally costs less to repair them. Another advantage in these drills is that they are really safe, especially when working in wet conditions or near water. Working with an air drill reduces the chances of electrocution and fire. Because of these advantages, Ronix produces air drills and air screwdrivers that are durable and high in quality. When working with air drills or screwdrivers keep in mind that pneumatic tools need a lot of attention and taking care of. For example, you should not store them in a humid place. Dust also might damage the inside parts of your air-powered tool and reduces its productivity. Lastly, remember to constantly apply oil for better performance. Ronix produces a number of air screwdrivers. An extremely practical one is the Ronix 2514 air screwdriver. Its ergonomic handle and the ability to switch its rotation direction with only one finger makes this screwdriver a suitable choice for long hours of work. The 2138A air drill is another Ronix air tool product. This drill is a powerful one and is designed to be anti-vibration while delivering high speeds. It is also equipped with a keyless chuck to do tasks faster on a construction site.

Rotary Hammer Drills

They say building is more difficult than destroying and in order to build, you must destroy first. But have you ever tried to demolish a wall for redecoration? If you have not experienced it, take it from us, it is not easy at all. Unless you have powerful tools to back you up. Rotary drills are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and demolition projects. Because of the nature of the tasks they do, these tools have really strong motors. Rotary drills pounding motion to break through tough material. So, let’s dive deeper and get more informed! The name is obvious, the rotary hammer has a rotation motion. As it was mentioned earlier in the article, the rotary motion is necessary for drilling. Therefore, you are able to make a hole in a concrete wall with a rotary hammer drill. Because these drills are really strong, they are also used widely for industrial applications and full construction operations to drill holes in extremely resistant materials and workpieces or even demolition. Ronix produces a wide range of rotary hammer drills. They are different in their power, design and extra features. The Ronix 2726, 26 mm can do three different tasks, drilling, hammer drilling and hammering, meaning you can adjust the drilling and the hammering function based on your needs. It also has various drill bits and chisels to make drilling and destroying easier for you. This amazing power tools is equipped with anti-dust NSK ball bearings to increase productivity and efficiency of the inside parts of the drill during various tasks, from drilling to demolition


A drill press is a drill that is not usually portable. These drills are secured on the floor or the workbench and are normally used for vertical drilling. How does a drill press work? If you want to work with a drill press, you first need to put your workpiece on its table, then turn on the device and by moving the handle, lower the drill bit to make a hole. Despite being not portable, drilling with a drill press has many advantages. First, you do not require to apply a lot of force due to the lever system in these drills. Therefore, it is possible to have stronger and heavier motors in these drills which leads to bigger chucks and larger drill bits. In addition, the drill’s table will allow you to use clamps on the workpiece for more accurate positioning and more precise drilling. Drill presses are mainly categorized in two different types; floor drill presses and table-top drill presses. As it is obvious from the name, floor drill presses are mounted to the floor while table-top drill presses are secured on a table or workbench. The Ronix RH-4913 is a drill press with a built-in clamp to hold the workpiece and make an accurate hole. The weight of this tool is carefully distributed to make it balanced and stable. With its powerful motor, this drill can hold up to 13 mm drill bits. Another model of Ronix drill presses is the RH-4916 drill press. This practical tool has a moveable body and table made with the most resistant alloys. Its large stand provides more stability when working with this drill press. Safety have been also taken into account when designing this tool. The Ronix RH-4916 drill press is equipped with a safety switch and a locking mechanism for safer using experience.

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