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After-Sales Service

You won’t be left alone after purchasing Ronix tools. We provide you with a wide range of high-quality, low-cost components and spare parts for your tools, from an armature to the carbon brushes, through to the batteries and chargers.

Online spare parts service

In addition to replacement batteries and chargers for each of your tools, here you will also find the matching Ronix spare parts. The spare parts of your tool will be shown to you, and you can simply select them. Please note that spare parts must be replaced and installed only by qualified repairmen.

Online repair service

Arrange to have your tool collected for repair by our qualified experts. We will use original spare parts, perform a safety inspection after every repair and aim to return your repaired tool within 5 working days.

Ronix Community

Ronix Tools Talk has its own community forum, here: Ronix Tools Talk.

Registration is free and gives you the ability to participate in discussions and to create threads of your own. Non-member guests are still able to browse and read forum posts.


Frequently asked questions specifically about our repair, pickup and spare parts service.

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