Cordless Tools

For many years flying was something that people dreamt of anywhere around the world. We were obsessed with it for a long time, trying so hard to achieve it. And now, it is in our hands, with just a few clicks we can buy a plane ticket and travel to another part of the globe. Space travel and going into space was another impossible dream of ours that came to reality. We have walked on the moon, split the atom and, connected people around the world to each other via the Internet. We have been progressing tirelessly and steadily, and from the first moments, we have been breaking limits. We have been able to do all this with just tools. So, for us, limits are meaningless, since better tools are the only things we need to go beyond limits. This is why Ronix has dedicated its efforts to designing and manufacturing high-quality tools for breaking new limits.
Cordless Tools are one of those inventions that have liberated us and allowed us to break the barriers and overcame the impossible. Imagine a pro0ic working in a super tight space under a car. It is really hard to work with a regular drill because the cord gets in the way. Or picture a person that has to work at height outside of a building. How difficult finding a source of electricity would be? How long would the cable need to be? In these situations that the working environment is extremely hard, having a cordless tool is a superior advantage that lets you get the job done faster and easier. Imagine not needing a source of electricity, isn’t it thrilling? As tasks become more professional and precise, the need for better and high-quality Cordless Tools increases. Have you ever wondered where Cordless Tools were first used? It is interesting to know that one of the first and most famous places that Cordless Tools were used, was on spacecrafts. As there is limited space on a rocket, everything needs to be as compact as possible. Therefore, these tools could (and still can) go a long way in spaceships. Cordless Tools are produced in various categories. Nowadays, almost every power tool has a cordless model, from impact drills and screwdrivers to jigsaws and miter saws. The further we go, the more apparent the importance of Cordless Tools becomes. Because of this, focusing on the improvement of different features is essential. To build the perfect experience and help you in different situations, whether you are working on a rainy day or up on a tree, Ronix manufactures water-resistant and anti-shock Cordless Tools to support you anywhere.



Various factors contribute to the quality and functionality of a Cordless Tools . The first and most important one is the battery. You definitely do not want your Cordless Tools , say a screwdriver, to run out of power in the middle of working on your new DIY project. So, you need to pay great attention to the battery when choosing a Cordless Tools .

Battery types

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

Generally, there are different types of batteries for Cordless Tools . The first one is the Nickel-Cadmium battery also known as the Ni-Cd battery. Despite the fact that Nickel Cadmium batteries are one of the oldest batteries in the industry, they have some really special traits that make them still useful. One of their most important characteristics is that they perform really good in rough conditions and can endure working in extremely high and low temperatures. If you want to work in a really dry and hot place, these batteries are the right choice for you. In addition, compared to other types of batteries, the Ni-Cd batteries are really inexpensive and affordable. One other point to mention in favor of these batteries is their lifespan. They can last a long time if you take care of them properly. The downside of having a Ni-Cd battery in a Cordless Tools is that they are a lot heavier than other options which can cause problem in the long run. So, if you have to work long hours with a Cordless Tools with Ni-Cd battery, you may get tired soon because of its weight. In conclusion, although Nickel Cadmium batteries are one of the oldest ones in the market, they offer some significant features that have made them stick around for such a long time.

Nickle Metal Hydride Batteries

Nickle metal hydride batteries are another type of cordless batteries. They have been improved upon the Ni-Cd batteries and can be called the newer generation of Nickle-Cadmium batteries. NiMH batteries have better performance than their fathers (Ni-Cd batteries), but unlike them, they are sensitive to temperature and cannot endure working in extremely hot or cold environments. They are also impacted by the memory effect. The memory effect in batteries happens when a rechargeable battery loses its power capacity because of improper charging. If you improperly charge of discharge NiMH batteries, it might affect their lifespan. But if you take good care of them, they will be your tool’s best friends! Due to their improved power capacity, NiMH batteries cost more than Ni-Cd batteries. All and all, Nickle metal hydride batteries are a reasonable choice, especially if you do not work in extremely high or low temperatures.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Another type of batteries that are widely used in Cordless Tools is the Lithium Ion batteries. The Li-Ion batteries are the same ones used in our smartphones. These batteries are the newest generation of batteries for tools. Inventing Li-Ion batteries has revolutionized the Cordless Tools industry because they are a lot lighter than other options. This is definitely a plus for those who work long hours with Cordless Tools . The power capacity of Lithium-Ion batteries is also higher and it is good to know that via fast chargers, they have the ability to get charged quickly. Therefore, if you are in a rush to meet a deadline, they are at your service! Another thing we need to point out here is that Lithium Ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. With Li-Ion batteries, you do not need to worry about the memory effect which can reduce the battery’s power capacity. So far, we have talked more about the pros, now let’s look at the cons of these batteries. The price of Lithium-Ion batteries is higher and they generally cost more than other options. The thing that you have to know about these batteries is that they are easily affected by high temperatures. Heat causes the chemicals inside of a Li-Ion battery to change. So, always keep in mind to never store your Cordless Tools with a Li-Ion battery in a hot place. Ronix Cordless Tools are produced with Ni-Cd batteries, Li-Ion batteries AND NiMH batteries. So, you can pick what’s best for you!

Voltage (V)

The voltage (V) of a battery determines how much power and strength a battery is able to provide. A higher voltage means that the battery is more powerful and can perform heavier tasks like drilling through hard material such as concrete. Ronix offers a wide range of voltages for its Cordless Tools ’ batteries. You might wonder why not just put the highest possible voltage in every Cordless Tools ? The reason is that the more powerful a battery is, the heavier it gets. Because of this and to cover all the customers’ needs for Cordless Tools , Ronix cordless products are manufactured with different voltages. Generally speaking, batteries with a voltage between 3.6 V to 12 V are for lighter functions like screwdrivers. For example, the Ronix 8500 cordless screwdriver has a 3.6 V battery designed for light-duty screwing and general uses. But what if you want a Cordless Tools for heavy-duty applications? Well for heavier functions, batteries that have a voltage between 14.4 V to 36 V are the best. Ronix 8618 cordless impact drill with an 18 V battery is a great model to break through hard workpieces.

Ampere-hour (A.h)

Besides power, another important feature of a battery in a Cordless Tools , is how many hours you can use the device until the battery runs out of energy. The run time is directly related to something called ampere-hour or amp-hour. A higher amp-hour number means a Cordless Tools can operate for a longer period of time. Much like voltage, a higher Ah (amp-hour) number results in a heavier battery. Choosing the right Cordless Tools is tightly connected to the type of work you want to do and as mentioned earlier, Ronix offers its Cordless Tools s with a wide range of batteries. If you want to use your tool on harder workpieces, you need to get a device with a high amp-hour; such as Ronix 8618 impact drill that has 1.5 Ah. However, if you want to be able to easily carry your Cordless Tools around, you better choose a device with lower Ah; like Ronix 8510 drill-driver with an amp-hour of 1.3.

Before making your decision about which battery to choose, you need to ask yourself very important questions. Do you care more about power or do you want to be able to move around with your Cordless Tools quickly? Are you going to use your tool in very high and low temperatures? How much are you willing to spend on a tool? There are a lot of factors to take into account when you want to decide which Cordless Tools to buy. So, finding the answers to these questions before purchasing, can save you from future regrets.


Cordless Drills / Screwdrivers

When we think of Cordless Tools , cordless drills are the first ones that come to mind. The reason for this is that drills were one of the first tools to be manufactured cordless. They are also one of the most used power tools in the world. Whether you are a professional woodworker who is in need of a portable drill around the workshop or just have a passion for DIY projects, a cordless drill can add a lot of value to your life. This is why Ronix produces a variety of cordless drills to accommodate every drilling need you have!

How cordless drills / screwdrivers work?

Every drill has a motor that generates power for drilling. By pressing a key, the motor turns electric power into rotational force in order to turn the chuck and then, the bit.

Types of cordless drills / screwdrivers

There are various types of cordless drills for different applications.


Chuck is a primary part in drills. Drill chucks usually have three jaws to secure the bit as a bit holder. Generally, there are two types of chucks, the keyed drill chuck and the keyless drill chuck. As the name indicates, a keyed drill chuck requires a key to operate. You need to put a wrench-like key in the chuck’s key hole to be able to fasten or loosen the chuck in order put the bit in the drill. On the other hand, a keyless drill chuck does not require a key for tightening and loosening. You can put the bit in the center of the chuck and press the drill’s key to tighten the chuck. So, if you are you are using different bits while working on a project, a keyless chuck drill is your best friend, since it is faster and easier to use. All cordless drills / screwdrivers use keyless chucks. Bit The rotating bit can do more than just drilling through soft or hard material and making holes. Because of this, Ronix has designed different bits to make the most out of this function. These bits are varied in shapes and functions. Power bits are a type of bits which are used for screwing and unscrewing bolts and screws. Others might be used for grinding softer workpieces or making bigger holes.

Cordless drill-driver

The most common type of cordless drills is cordless drill-drivers. These cordless tools function both as a drill and a screwdriver. By changing the bit of a cordless drill-driver, you can easily change the function. Having a cordless drill-driver will break the barriers for you! Imagine doing your drilling and screwing with just one device, isn’t it exciting? The ability to work at unusual angles is another point for these cordless tools. Because they generally weigh less than corded models and their design is compact, it is simple to use them at uncommon angles and tight places. Many Ronix drill-drivers come with fast chargers, for example the Ronix cordless 8612 drill-driver. With its long-lasting and fast charging battery, this drill is perfect for those who do not want to stop working! Cordless impact drills You might think that because cordless drills are compact and light weight, you cannot do heavy-duty tasks with it. But you are incorrect! As we said before, we at Ronix produce a large number of cordless drills for different applications, among them impact drills. Impact drills are specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks. With their hammering motions, they have the power to break through hard materials like concrete and metal. The hammering motion of these cordless tools also helps to do the drilling quicker and with less effort. The Ronix 8618 cordless impact drill is one of the superior models of these cordless tools. To maximize the durability and functionality, this amazing drill is equipped with a powerful Taiwanese motor and two 18 V Korean Samsung batteries. The Ronix 8618 drill has a LED light to increase efficiency in dim and dark environments and its anti-dust key is in accordance with TUV standards. In conclusion, the Ronix 8618 drill is a perfect choice if you are looking for a powerful cordless tool to fulfil your heavy-duty drilling needs. Cordless drill kits Some models of Ronix cordless drills come with a box that includes several drill bits and power bits with various shapes and sizes. These useful drill kits are produced to meet the diverse needs of users. Ronix has gathered a complete collection of bits in its cordless drill kits for various needs. The kit includes bits for drilling different workpieces like wood, metal and dry wall. The kit also has flat bits and a number of power bits to tighten or loosen every screw that come across you! A very handy and powerful drill kit that everyone dreams of having, is the Ronix 8616K cordless drill kit. This practical cordless tool comes with a strong water-resistant motor that allows you to work with it on rainy days. Not needing a power plug or a generator and the ability to work with it under rain? Can you name a more interesting tool? This cordless tool is also anti-shock and can endure falling from a height, which makes it perfect for using on construction sites. If you are looking for a really handy cordless drill kit, the Ronix 8616K drill is a suitable choice for you! Cordless screwdriver Many users do not have lots of drilling jobs around their workshops or houses. However, they do a lot of screwing. For example, those who work in the electronic industries, have to deal with lots of screws on a daily basis. Compared to a drill-driver, electric screwdrivers generally weigh less because their motors and batteries are designed for lighter duty applications. To give you a better image, the weight of Ronix cordless screwdrivers are around 600 grams but the cordless drill-drivers normally weigh more than 1 kilogram. This important feature makes these screwdrivers the perfect cordless tools for long hours of screwing and unscrewing that doesn’t harm the worker’s hands in the long run. Using Ronix electric cordless screwdrivers will save you a lot of time and effort. A practical model of our screwdriver is the Ronix 8536 cordless screwdriver. This cordless tool has an ergonomic handle to fit completely in your hands and let you to work on irregular angles. This model comes with more than 100 power bits to cover all your screwing needs. The bits also are magnetic for more precision. So, if you are screwing day and night, the Ronix 8536 cordless screwdriver is a great teammate for you! The Ronix cordless drill-drivers’ family is really large and for every application, we have a tool that suits your needs!


Cordless Gardening Tools

Gardening is one the most enjoyable activities around the world. And like many other professional activities, it requires professional tools. However, the possibility of finding a source of electricity in a garden is really low. If you want to work with electric-powered tools in your garden, you either need to get a generator or you can go cordless. Because of the difficulty of getting a power plug in the garden, cordless gardening tools have been developed to help you during the sunny summer days in the garden.

Cordless Gardening Chainsaw

One of the most famous gardening cordless tools is chainsaw. Fun fact, one of the earliest models of chainsaws in the world was invented by a German surgeon for cutting bones. Despite its early application in the medical field, today chainsaws are generally used for cutting trees and branches. Cordless chainsaws consist of a chain-shaped blade that is wrapped around a guide bar and an engine that generates the power in order to move the blade. Cordless chainsaws are a lot quieter than their gasoline-powered siblings; that is why working with them is more enjoyable. They are also lighter and more compact, so, it is easier to walk around the garden with them.

Cordless Gardening Grasscutter

Grasscutters (also known as brush cutters) are another group of gardening tools that are extremely handy in gardening. Since you do not have to worry about the nearest power socket, a cordless grasscutter is perfect for having a flawless lawn. You can wear some grasscutter models on your shoulders or around your waist to be able to move around easily. One specific type of cordless grasscutters are edge shears. Edge shears are used for trimming and tidying the edges of the lawn. Sometimes cutting the edge of your grass lawn with a grasscutter becomes difficult. This is when edge shears come to the rescue! With their slim blades, these cordless tools can reach the unreachable places and make the perfect lawn that you’ve always wanted!

Cordless Pruning Shears & Loppers

Are you suffering from a serious hand injury? Have you damaged your hands because of frequently repeated hand movements? If your answers are yes to these questions, then using an ordinary pruning shear must be difficult and painful for you. To solve this problem, cordless electric-powered pruning shears are designed to make cutting branches easier for you. Loppers are another type of scissor-like cordless tools that are used in gardening. In general, they have longer blades and handles compared to pruning shears to cut bigger branches and twigs.


Cordless Saws

Cutting is one of the primary actions in building. You probably need to cut a piece of material if you are building anything from scratch. This is why saws have been invented. Saws have been developing for many years and nowadays, they are being manufactured in various styles for different applications. One of the most practical type of saws are the cordless saws. With its world-class quality, the Ronix team designs and produces these cordless tools to provide you with a great cutting experience

Jigsaws & Reciprocating Saws

Jigsaws are mostly used for cutting workpieces vertically. These useful saws can be used on different material. Whether you want to cut straight lines on a wood piece or cut curves in a plastic sheet, cordless jigsaws can be extremely helpful, especially because the cable does not get in the way. Ronix 8801 cordless jigsaw is a great cordless tool to have around. This practical saw has a strong electric motor with a 12 V Li-Ion battery to power it. The handle is coated with rubber to offer a firm grip. Sometimes, changing the blade in jigsaws can take a lot of time because they need special keys or wrenches. But with the Ronix 8801 cordless jigsaw, you can change an old blade with a fresh one just by snapping it into the tool. A reciprocating saw is a lot like a jigsaw, they both cut with the push and pull motion of the blade. The difference is that with a reciprocating saw, you can cut at various and unusual angles.

Cordless Circular Saws & Miter Saws

Unlike the previous type, circular saws have circle-shaped blades and they cut using a rotary motion. These cordless tools are super-fast and can make straight and precise cuts. Cordless circular saws can become extremely practical on construction sites as they are really easy to transport. With this cordless tool, you can cut several materials with varying length. But one thing that you should never forget when cutting with a circular saw is that the depth of the workpiece should not exceed the depth of the blade’s diameter. A miter saw is a specific type of circular saw. This functional cordless tool (also known as chop saws) allows you to cut workpieces at a specific angle and make crosscuts.

Cordless Bandsaw

The construction of a bandsaw is interesting. An electric motor rotates a toothy blade that cuts the material. Bandsaws are extremely useful in wood working and metal working. However, their uses are not limited to these fields, with proper blades, they can cut PVC or dry wall. Like a jigsaw, they can cut curved lines.

In conclusion, if you are moving around a lot to work on various construction sites, you can get a lot of use out of cordless power saws.


Cordless tools give us the freedom of moving around easily and make difficult tasks simple for us. This is why they have been expanding in numerous fields.

Cordless Spotlights

One of the most useful tools among cordless tools are spotlights. You can find various applications for cordless spotlights. Consider working outside after dark or working in a dark work place. Having a cordless spotlight to brighten your jobsite can boost your productivity for sure! Besides light, Ronix RH-4250 cordless spotlight can function as a source of power too. This feature can be extremely helpful. Imagine you are lost in the middle of nowhere and your phone battery is dying. Ronix RH-4250 cordless spotlight will both provide light for your eyes and power for your phone, so that you can get back on your way safely.

Cordless Staple Guns

Staple guns are also another category of cordless tools that Ronix manufactures. Nowadays, staple guns are used in various jobs, from woodworking to making furniture and carpeting the floor. The Ronix 8910 electric-powered staple gun is an extremely easy-to-use cordless toll since you do not have to place a lot of force on the tool to work with it. With its ergonomic handle and its safety sensor, this tool is designed in a way to reduce the risk of injury for its users.

Cordless Staple Guns

One particularly useful category of cordless tools is laser meters and laser levers. If you have ever experienced building something, you must be aware of the importance of precise measuring and leveling. For this reason, users find laser meters and levels very handy on construction sites. Ronix laser meters are produced with the highest quality and they can calculate surface and volume and do Pythagoras calculations. We at Ronix also produce laser levels to cover all your needs. Ronix self-levelling cordless levels are anti-shock which can be a valuable feature since levels are in general fragile.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners & Blowers

You arrive at home after a long road trip, park your car in the garage and go straight to bed to rest and get your strength back. The next day, you wake up, put on your work clothes and get ready to get back to the office. You open your car’s door and then, you see it. The car is absolutely rubbish! Dust, cookie crumbs and sand are all over your car. It is time to face it, you really need to clean. If you have ever experienced cleaning your car, you must have realized the difficulty of vacuuming it with a corded vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuum cleaners are too large and a handful for cleaning tight spaces like inside of a car. This is why cordless vacuum cleaners have been invented. These super handy cordless tools have many uses; as mentioned above, you can use them for vacuuming your car, getting that old TV’s dust off or removing those tiny wooden parts from the unreachable corners of the workshop. Ronix 1203 is a powerful and yet, light-weight cordless vacuum cleaner for dry or wet conditions. It has fast-charging batteries and a stand-charger which makes it super-easy for you to charge it. The purpose of blowers is very similar to vacuum cleaners, they are both used for cleaning dust. A blower blows air to move thin and light objects from a surface. There are different types of blowers, the smaller models are handheld, some of them can rest on your shoulders and the bigger ones, might even have wheels.


As cordless tools improve in quality and quantity, more and more accessories are built for them. Various attachments are made to make working with them easier; attachments like drill bits and power bits.
Batteries and chargers also count as really useful accessories. A lot can happen to a battery. You cannot just through your cordless tool away because the battery is damaged. The same is true for chargers. This is why Ronix produces spare batteries and chargers for its cordless tools.