Ronix is the international brand specialized in different kinds of tools including Hand tools, Power tools, Air tools, Wood working tools, Cutting tools, Garden tools, Measuring tools, Welding tools and accessories for over 10 years with the premium quality collection of the tools which make Ronix as the unique Tools brand in the world on the basis of Variety and Quality.

For Ronix , quality means products that are designed to provide more benefits and comfort to professional users; improved productivity and efficiency, time saving, reduced effort and simplicity of operation.

Driven by futuristic vision, Ronix continues to invest its resources in advanced R&D, High – end technologies and compatible human resources, to develop more efficient Tools with high variety that meet the tomorrow’s needs of the users.

Ronix tries to get the satisfaction of all users by providing Premium Quality products and services in the field of Hand Tools, Air Tools, Power Tool, Wood Working Tools , Garden tools, … and also providing an appropriate combination of price, quality, satisfying services and fast delivery.



Accuracy in human factors (ergonomic) and perusal in tools, machines, workplace, job, paying attention to physical and mental abilities, Limitations and human interests, from designing of simple tools to industrial tools and considering requirements of quality management certificate (ISO 9001-2008) has provided facilities by which customers can benefit from quality, timely supply, Stability in policy and warranty services as a mainstay in their purchase from Ronix.

With providing our valued craftsmen’s needs suitably, Ronix is always open to all assistance and recommendations from its colleagues and friends and enjoys to work with them to flourish and thrive its brand.


distinguished company , Along with this purpose and with its productive interactions and selection of more than 500 known manufacturers through 11 countries, Ronix maintains a peculiar and specialized technical control over the manufacturing process of cutting and drilling tools through its experts within the country and outside, among them Germany and France.

Air tools produced in South Korea and Taiwan, electric tolls produced in South Korea, China and Taiwan, hand tools produced in China, Australia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey and precision instruments produced in South Korea are proof of our reputation in the market.


Plan, Idea and Iranian performance combined with national and international targeting in the field of industrial tools, has established and generated RONIX brand.

Round the clock working of Iranian brilliant youth on grasping the genuine ideas and also registration of RONIX brand in Iran, Germany and Madrid Spain, has created roots of prosperity in RONIX family.

A combination of quality, price, on time access and suitable services has led to the satisfaction of the end users and local craftsmen and has enabled us to aim for a strong presence in export.


Ronix offers you a full range of different kinds of tools so that you would like to have everything now; you could possibly find in this website.

We welcome the customers from all over the world contacting with us for the mutual beneficial cooperation.

Our main target is to become, and to be recognized as, an unfailing company, professional above all, a company that contributes to peoples’ health, wealth and safety by offering the most valued productivity solutions in the world. This is our ambition for today, tomorrow, and for the century to come.