what is jigsaw

what is jigsaw ?

Jigsaws are among widely used tools in carpentry. By using a jig saw, complex patterns could be drawn and carved on the desired surface.
This kind of tools are divided in two sections; Industrial and Semi-Industrial.
Industrial jig saw has a gearbox system that can do its job in a long period and under a lot of pressure thanks to its gear which is located on the front side of the device.
Semi-Industrial jig saws were designed for the semi-professional users working in different professions. These jig saws have lower weight and power which leads to a lower price.

A pendulum like state in a saw is the one in which it is used for a deeper cut of different materials. Some users mistakenly think that pendulum jig saws have three types of 3,4 and 6 rounds.
Jig saws usually have three state of pendulum and in some jig saws there is a pendulum beneath the spike and is used to suck the particles in.
These saws usually have speed regulating switch in order to accelerate the cutting procedures.

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