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Important Safety Precautions for Chain Saw Users

When it comes to electric-powered chain saw you should have technical know-how to work with, because this product is categorized in professional tools and serious injury may result for greenhorns. So before taking any actions be sure you trained under the supervision of a person skilled.
– Proper personal protective equipment must be worn when operating the saw, which includes safety boots, gloves, helmet, glasses, earmuffs. have a first-aid kit handy.
– wear cut-resistant coverall (working clothes)
– Do not wear loose-fitting clothing.

Important Safety Precautions for Chain Saw Users
– Follow steps in the instruction manual for operation and maintenance of your saw.
– Shut off the saw before any debugging and be sure chain brake is stopped.
– Never attempt to fuel a running or HOT saw.
– Avoid to operate in confined spaces due to Carbon monoxide emissions.
– keep out of reach of human and animal.
– Do not operate a chainsaw when you are fatigue.
– Operate the chain saw under sufficient light and vision.
– Do not walk backwards when working with chainsaws.
– Keep a good firm grip on the saw with both hands, the right hand on the rear handle, and the left hand on the front handle, when the engine is running. Use a firm grip with thumbs and fingers encircling the chainsaw handles. A firm grip will help you reduce kickback and maintain control of the saw.

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